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Sites to write stories


Payment Method: Paypal

Payment info confirmed on website: Yes

You’ll be paid up to an article to contribute to blogs on the Matador Network. You can write about almost anything that can be found on the Matador topics page. You can find more info on contributing to the Matador Network here.

Niche: Rust Belt

Amount per post: – 0

Payment Method: Unspecified

Payment info confirmed on website: Partially

They are looking for articles about anything related to the Rust Belt region, and you’ll be paid – 0 depending on the nature of your article; your article can be an essay, a commentary or long-form reporting.

Niche: Parenting

Amount per post: $

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sites to write stories


  1. Zariyuzafadaco

    So I was thinking why PTI is not using NS"s old speeches in support of Judiciary in 2012 to counter his current narrative? Run a targeted ad campaign on tv, papers and social media sites. This is the time to gain momentum. I think money should not be an issue for them.

  2. Juginukowurul

    If people are looking for websites to host information - remember new Google Sites can limit who can access the site. Limit to your domain.

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