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St john's college barge


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Nature of business (SIC)

91030 Operation of historical sites and buildings and similar visitor attractions - To maintain and preserve the former ST. John's College Barge in its historical setting on the river thames at oxford or if that is impracticable wherever the trustees think fit. A registered charity, limited by guarantee. T/O = Total Incoming Resources.


Available to 30 Apr 2016. Next accounts due by 30 Jan 2018

Annual Return

Annual Return information not available

St John s College Barge from Oxford Thames Hotel | Photo 1

9, p.34

Exhibited: Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, The Oxford Barges, May 1956; Bear Lane

Gallery, Oxford, February 1959, no.9; Fry Art Gallery, Kenneth Rowntree, A Centenary Exhibition , no 23

Rowntree's paintings of Oxford Barges were shown at the Ashmoelan Gallery in May 1956. The Oxford Barges. The pictures were commissioned in 1956 by J.M Richards of The Architectural Review, to accompany an article written by Diana Rowntree.

Yet while Rowntree spent much of the war painting relics of older times, he was not simply guided by nostalgia, and seldom edited out the signs of modern life when these occurred, relishing the jolt of anachronism and geometrical order they could bring.


This affection for innocent decoration played an active role in Rowntree’s work when he painted the Oxford College Barges, originally converted from London Livery Company Thames barges into slightly baroque viewing stations for college ‘bumps’, but by this time rapidly decaying. The paintings were used to illustrate an article by Diana in the Architectural Review in July 1956, arguing for a more sensitive approach to the planning of boathouse buildings along the Isis, and shown at the Ashmolean Museum, helping to stir an effort to save the barges, Alan Powers, Kenneth Rowntree a Centenary Exhibition, p 35

Kenneth Rowntree (1915-1997)

Painter, illustrator, artist in collage and murals, draughtsman and teacher, born in Scarborough, Yorkshire.


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