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Tv script writing classes nyc

Screenwriting Courses

The New York Film Academy’s Screenwriting School offers a number of different programs, ranging from short-term screenwriting workshops to full-fledged degree programs. Depending on the student’s screenwriting program, he or she can expect to take some to most of the following courses:
Story Generation Character Arcs Heroes Classic Screenplay Structure
Script to Screen Conflict and Flashbacks Writing the Feature Film Screenplay
Genre Studies Screenplay Analysis Elements of Screenwriting
Acting for Writers The Great Screenplays The Business of Screenwriting
Treatment Writing Transmedia: Franchises Screenwriting Workshop
Revision Class Adaptation Workshop Special One-Week Seminar in Digital Filmmaking
Dramaturgy Pitching Class TV Writing: Sitcoms and One-Hour Dramas
Cinema Studies TV Writing: Pilot TV Writing: Specs

Online Screenwriting Courses

While our screenwriting programs and workshops are only offered in New York City, Los Angeles, and South Beach, the New York Film Academy is also proud to offer online screenwriting courses that allow aspiring writers to hone their skills from anywhere in the country. Get training from a top screenwriting school without commuting or leaving your home.

tv script writing classes nyc Screenwriting Certificate | The New School Media Studies


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