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What makes you happy essay sample

what makes you happy essay sample

Before I answer this question I want to tell something . Do you know what really means to be happy. I think everyone will say yes. But if you don’t know the true meanings of sadness, pain and loneliness it means that you don’t know the real happiness. There are 6 billion people living in this world. They are all different and they all have their own lives to live. What I’m trying to say is “Happiness comes with a price”.

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Like after you finish some hard task successfully you can see the results of your work so that you can proud of your self or when you accomplish something you are happy that’s how it is. For me when I’m successful or fall in love with someone (which is really interesting and entertaining) i’m really happy. Of course there are lot of things to write down here but it’s too much. Suddenly I want to write this story or example. Maybe it could make you think about some thing. Ok here says: I may be an awful person. Today my lover just rejected me.

Actually from the beginning I knew this could happen but I didn’t care because I was happy just for being with her. After she rejected me I was really depressed and didn’t know what to do. However few hours later I already started to forget about her. I think the reason is I fell in love with another girl and that made me much more relieved and happy. Like I said earlier i’m an awful person. But it’s my life and I will do things by my way. After my research through internet I jumped to this conclusion, happiness is not a mere dream a person has to reach and become happy.

It is the state of mind a person creates right now. Happiness is a reaction to actions that happen to a person. Consequently, happiness is a person’s positive attitude to the life in general and to some certain moments in the life in particular. A human being cannot be happy all the time. In general, happiness is unstable and everyone has its own understanding of it. So live the fullest and try to find happiness in every moment you breath. :Arab II :Z. Mandakhnar


  1. Gecoficeyer

    If you genuinely like/have diamonds please I"m not attacking you!! Do what makes you happy

  2. Monedugek

    Yes I know that he is an East Coast liberal elitist with the star on the Hollywood walk of fame. That"s what makes it so sad.

  3. Zizahelevoleqo

    What makes you think they"ll get ddosd?

  4. Wedupopixuvuyi

    Have what? The reputation? I believe so, which is why C.L."S claim makes no sense to me. Either he is wrong, the reputation is wrong, or ??

  5. Wekudesehixeju

    Believe in what God made He never makes a failure He has made you, so Believe in yourself and Don"t give up

  6. Demuzixegaxequ

    Pro tip -- oxygen is what makes sterling silver tarnish, so store your jewelry in an airtight container when you’re not wearing it.

  7. Zuyajoqey

    I know what makes him smile

  8. Fafucuqequ

    This makes me happy. I saw him on the Steve Harvey show. What a story!

  9. Nohocajuqeriha

    What will you do if he makes it through 1st term?

  10. Hinocepehogon

    *scrolls thru his likes to see what makes him laugh*

  11. Vemevoy

    New research shows tha YouTube makes us happy! Wonder what Albert would have made of it? We replicate our stupidity!?

  12. Godeqap

    What makes me happy is you.

  13. Lesofayi

    That"s the part of the plan that makes me nervous. It requires others being willing to give you exactly what you need.

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