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Write gpresult to file

Write results into a text file. Ask Question. up vote 3 down vote favorite. I ve created the txt file so it ll write to it, this is what I tried and won t work. Group Policy – GPResult Examples. GPResult is a command-line utility for determining the. Gpresult /r gpresult.txt Export output to a text file Gpresult /r. Type gpresult and redirect the output to a text file as shown in Figure 1 below: Figure 1. Directing GPResult data to a text file.

write gpresult to file Group Policy - GPResult Examples - The Sysadmins

Microsoft Windows XP - Gpresult

gpresult /r /scope:user gpresult /r /scope:computer

The output reads fairly well from within the command prompt, but if you need to export the output you could use either of the following.

Gpresult /r > gpresult.txt Export output to a text file
Gpresult /r |clip Export output to Windows clipboard

I can’t see the Computer Settings?

If UAC is enabled, running GPResult without elevating the command prompt will only show you the user settings. If you want to see both user and computer settings, elevate the command prompt by either tapping the winkey+cmd then ctrl+shift+enter or right click on the command prompt and select run as administrator.


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