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Advantages and disadvantages of brain drain writing

advantages and disadvantages of brain drain writing


  1. Digigirowuyeh

    KEPE: Stem "brain drain" and make the most of it

  2. Vagufonex

    Nut Job refused to indict CLINTON got fired- NO JOB! FK him and the giraffe he rode in on!!

  3. Xavozim

    There was a clarion call made to American people to stand up and fight your company as a threat to our Republic- March, protest you all!

  4. Qudumidepubu

    This is just unreal. We wonder where our Tax dollars goes. Drain the Swamp and change some laws that protect Tax payers and not illegals.

  5. Hobezoqihokilo

    Its crazy how a step parent can mentally and emotionally drain you

  6. Derajir

    I hit this one and its tail fell off and I screamed so loud I tried to make it go down the drain lmao

  7. Coliyukageceze

    I hope you get dragged into office of special counsel and forced to reveal your sources! Stay in jail until you reveal - Traitor!

  8. Cezegiqup

    Like Wait, a wedding isn"t fun, but rather a constant assault on all your senses and drain of emotional/mental resources for you? Whaaa?

  9. Vukevahiceb

    It"s accurate and appropriate. Comey was a nut job in that job. Little regard for the law. Drain the swamp. Drain, Baby, Drain.

  10. Gitohexa

    He"s said himself in an interview, just as an example: Yeah I heard the people shouting at a rally "drain the swamp" and I picked that up .

  11. Sikecijosevo

    Please work on term limits! Lifer politicians are too comfortable and think they are untouchable. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!

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