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Ap english essay certainty and doubt

ap english essay certainty and doubt


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On the other hand, too much doubt makes a person a pessimist. Certainty and doubt coexist equally in life, for they keep us in reality. They are also a state of mind, and a form of entertainment for some people.
It is highly important for certainty and doubt to coexist and interact with each other to keep us in reality. William Phelps encourages us to be certain of our beliefs. However, his idea is misleading because one cannot fully rely on certainty because nothing in the world is certain. Everything we know has not been proven right or wrong, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t. The doubt in this situation was Cobb, her husband, who tells her that she is already living in reality. The fact that Mal was so certain and did not have any sense of doubt kept her from reality. If people like Mal, continue to believe anything they think are true, then they continue to live in their own world, just like children who believe they could be heroes and gain superpowers. The idea of science itself helps us realize that without questions or experimentation, we wouldn’t discover the world around us. Inventors, like Alexander Graham Bell, needed to test his telephone invention first before he could be certain that it works.

When one’s life unfortunately falls into the hands of addiction, unwarranted certainty can be life threatening. Those that care for you will tell you to be wary of what you are indulging in, but your certainty will disable you from pervading your habits. A great example of the outcomes of certainty and doubt can be derived from a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) bout that took place a few months ago. The reigning world champion, Anderson Silva, had a championship fight with Chael Sonnen.

However, quickly into the first round of the fight, Silva knocked out Sonnen, and proved that he was still the rightful champion. Sonnen lost the fight because he did not accept that there was a fighter in the ring that was better than him. His certainty and overconfident outlook led to his defeat. Silva was aware of the fact that Sonnen was a good fighter, but he was doubtful of what Sonnen was capable of. Thus, Silva fought his best and was always cautious of Sonnen’s every move.

Both certainty and doubt have their place in the human persona.


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