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Bountiful high school home page

bountiful high school home page

Bountiful High School Choirs - Google Sites

Congratulations to the following 2017-2018 BJH Officers (Please check Ms. Eller's website for more details):

7thgrade president: Camille Parke

7thgrade officer: Emily Dickson

7thgrade officer: Ana Tavlanga

7thgrade officer: Hinckley Pederson

7thgrade officer: Tristan Bennett

7thgrade officer: Mandy Vanderstek


8thgrade president: Miriam Clark

8thgrade officer: Stockton Fox

8thgrade officer: Nicole Wood

8thgrade officer: Julia Okelberry


9thgrade president: James Moffit

9thgrade officer: Sienna Pack

9thgrade officer: Emerie McKnight


SBO president: Kate Mason

SBO officer: Zack Troop

SBO officer: Maryn Eubank


  1. Cixidovol

    There will be a live stream video link for graduation on the Oasis High School facebook page!

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