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Compare contrast college essay topics

compare contrast college essay topics

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A List Of Interesting Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

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compare contrast college essay topics

Compare contrast essay topics are not necessarily the hardest parts of crafting one of these essays. Students in Canada quickly find when they are given these essays coming up with the content is just as hard as coming up with an intriguing topic.

The key to choosing a topic is for it to not be so broad to avoid getting to the heart of the matter, whilst not creating something so narrow you can't come up with enough convincing points. It's a difficult balance to strike, but by following these rules on choosing a topic the content should fall into place relatively easy.

  • Tailor your topic to the length of the essay. You only need about 500 words to answer some topics, whereas other topics need at least 2,000 words.
  • Choose something you are passionate about. You need a keen eye and an attention to detail and the best way to enhance this is through choosing a topic you are genuinely interested in.
  • Think of multiple ideas and brainstorm points for each one because it's often impossible to accurately predict how much space you need to adequately cover each point.

Here are 50 different compare contrast essay topics to help with creating a perfect essay:

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  1. Going to war and living under oppression.
  2. R&B and Pop.
  3. Winning multiple small victories or winning one big victory.
  4. Being rich and being loved.
  5. Sailing and flying.
  6. Super speed and having the ability to stop time.
  7. Living in the desert or living on the ocean.
  8. Burning and drowning.
  9. Living a normal life and living forever.
  10. An earthquake and a volcano.
  11. Having two cats and one dog.
  12. Polar bears and grizzly bears.
  13. Saints and sinners.
  14. Cheating and telling the truth.
  15. Pink roses and red roses.
  16. Horror and romance.
  17. Books and films.
  18. Working alone and working in a team.
  19. Western Europe and Eastern Europe.
  20. Blackmail and lying.
  21. Words and actions.
  22. Poetry and scripts.
  23. Hollywood and Bollywood
  24. Cars and trucks.
  25. Bicycles and motorbikes.
  26. Cellular phones and computers.
  27. Light and dark.
  28. Modernism and Post-Modernism.
  29. You and your friends.
  30. Magic and reality.
  31. Phone calls and email.
  32. Order and chaos.
  33. America and Canada.
  34. The 21st century and the 20th century.
  35. Walking and driving.
  36. Television and radio.
  37. Angry and hateful.
  38. Reality TV and high school.
  39. Best Christmas and worst Christmas.
  40. Ferrari and a Porsche.
  41. Vertebrates and invertebrates.
  42. Oppression and depression.
  43. Rich and poor.
  44. Being scared and being hated.
  45. An urban area and a rural area.
  46. Good and evil.
  47. God and Satan.
  48. A bad job and unemployment.
  49. Mountains and the beach.
  50. Summer and winter.

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compare contrast college essay topics Finding and Using the Right Compare and Contrast Essay Topics ...


  1. Rimixuciqux

    I would compare asking a HS student section if they want to be on TV to asking college students if they want free beer.

  2. Zidefaxew

    No matter where I am, club, bottle service, etc. Nothing will ever compare to being at college with my best friends

  3. Tiyuvojamen

    If you compare Lamar Jackson to Michael Vick, you"ve clearly never watched college football before

  4. Jixuqifeluzixo

    I miss liv co parties. College doesn"t compare to them at all

  5. Tihakotedanoho

    I compare my college trombone career to the freshman walk on to the bball team who became a starter and on scholarship by senior year.

  6. Yovugehuhohe

    College had been the last time Todd had ever experienced anything like the way he felt for Dirk, and even that could only barely compare.-

  7. Nagujegojegeq

    Can"t compare lol Michael Jordan"s basketball legacy is great Tim tebow had a hot four years on college then was wack in NFL

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