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Essays current affairs pakistan

essays current affairs pakistan

The topic here we discuss with you today an essay on current affairs of Pakistan 2015.There are so many current issues which Pakistan face in 2015 such as terrorism, operation zarb e Azab ,Kashmir issue ,political ups and downs in Pakistan, Peshawar attack in army public school, relations with neighbor countries, role of media against the attack of media persons. Here we share all issues with detail so that you can an idea of Pakistan current affairs. As a Pakistani you have a duty to know each and every single thing about their country.


Among all issues terrorism is one of the most terrible issue in Pakistan and every one fears to go out in a popular public places include masajids. Tallban do many attacks at different places of Pakistan but Peshawar army public school attack is so miserable. Many innocent children’s and their teachers died several injuries. So the prime minister of Pakistan takes a great action against this attack and calls all political parties at one table for deciding next action. At the end of this meeting our Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced the army operation against terrorists with the name of Zarb e Azab.

Operation Zarb e Azab:

Operation starts from North Waziristan to defeat the TTP and other terrorists’ chain. The aim of our army this operation will continue till last terrorist reach the end of their defeat. During this operation our army killed many terrorists, some arrested and many injured. Now several terrorists migrate in Afghanistan and Pak army leadership include government of Pakistan request to destroy these terrorists in their specific areas.

Kashmir Issue:

Kashmir issue is another most conflict between India and Pakistan and both countries have fought three wars. present affairDuring these wars thousands of innocent people will killed and many in prisons on India. Pakistan is doing every effort to solve this issue at every level include international conferences held in united state.

Political Current Scenario of Pakistan:

Nawaz Sharif government is facing many problems due to the rigging of election in 2013.PTI and many other political parties agree that in the election of 2013 PML(N) do strong riggings. Imran Khan announced long march against this election rigging in the capital of Pakistan. He create huge disturbance for public and government but in the end he do not achieve their goal. Tahir ul qadri also join this long march of Imran khan which held in 14 august. Both leaders defeated very badly and the public will back their homes hopeless. This long march failed and the reputation of PTI includes Tahir ul qadri damage and people of Pakistan refuse them. Beside this the early days of Nawaz government have very trouble but now they fulfill this gape bravely.

Relationship with their Neighbor Countries:

Pakistan always tries to make friendly relations with their neighbors such as Iran, Afghanistan, China, and India. But India does not accept any friendly effort for solving the hot issue of Kashmir and always try refusing every request. Iran and China relationship with Pakistan is very friendly and both countries work together at different plans.

Role of Media against the Attack of Media Persons:

In Pakistan media group is very strong and they spoke at every issue with freedom. But this freedom creates their media persons many difficulties and in 2015 many persons died. All media groups and persons speak together at every attack without any conflicts. This thing is very positive and gives a strong effect o media in the eyes of other countries.

essays current affairs pakistan


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