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How does writing a monthly budget help you achieve financial goals

how does writing a monthly budget help you achieve financial goals It’s unlikely you’ll be able to cut back on these, but knowing how much of your monthly income they take up can be helpful.

Next list all your variable expenses—those that may change from month to month such as groceries, gas and entertainment. This is an area where you might find opportunities to cut back. Credit card and bank statements are a good place to start since they often itemize or categorize your monthly expenditures.

Tip: Record your daily spending with anything that’s handy—a pen and paper, an app or your smartphone.

Step 3: Set your goals

Before you start sifting through the information you’ve tracked, make a list of all the financial goals you want to accomplish in the short- and long-term.

how does writing a monthly budget help you achieve financial goals

Your final take-home pay is called net income, and that is the number you should use when creating a budget.

If you work freelance or part-time, we’ve put together some tips for managing irregular income.

Tip: If you have a hobby or a talent, you may be able to find a way to supplement your income. Having an extra source of income can also be helpful if you ever lose your job.

Step 2: Track your spending

It’s helpful to keep track of and categorize your spending so you know where you can make adjustments. Doing so will help you identify what you are spending the most money on and where it might be easiest to cut back.


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