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Relevant coursework licenses and certificates

Core Courses (9 hours)

  • COUN 7463, Couples and Family Counseling
  • PSY 7533, Psychopathology
  • PSY 7633, Physiological Psychology and Psychopharmacology

Electives (6 hours)

Electives are selected from courses approved for credit in the Specialist in Education degree with an emphasis in Mental Health Counseling as approved by the advisor based upon a student’s individual needs and aspirations.

Minimum hours required for this certificate: 15

Note: If a student has already received degree credit for courses named in the basic curriculum, the student’s advisor may modify that curriculum by substituting other courses approved for credit in the Ed.S. degree in Psychology and Counseling (Mental Health Counseling track). Individual student needs may indicate the value of requiring more than 6 hours of elective coursework and clinical experiences, but the total submitted for the certificate should not exceed 24 hours.

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Entry-level Nursing Resume (Text Format)

6499 Blake Avenue, Richmond, VA


[email protected]

Nursing RN recent graduate seeking to use earned skills and knowledge to assist your hospital in a nursing role. Proven to ably handle any medical emergency or situation, with the requisite skill-set to perform under pressure.

  • Student Nursing Association, Member 2011-2013
  • *To read more about how to write the Education Section, click here.


    • Observational Methods
    • Principles of Teaching Applied to Nursing
    • Pharmaceuticals Oncology
    • Qualitative Analysis


    • Registered Nurse: New York State Board of Nursing, License #0000000
    • Basic Life Support (BLS) certified by American Heart Association



    Preceptorship Nurse Spring 2012 – Present

    • Monitored five assigned patients, updating information on vital signs and progress of treatment.
  • Administered blood product transfusions or intravenous infusions, monitoring patients for adverse reactions.
  • Performed emergency medical procedures, such as basic cardiac life support (BLS), advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), and other condition stabilizing interventions.
  • Discussed illnesses and treatments with patients and family members in a supportive manner.


    Computing Lab Consultant September 2009-June 2010

    • Assisted other students in the use of computers, software, and equipment in computer facilities

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