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Research questions about jesus

research questions about jesus

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I have spent 4 years combing the gospels for every question asked. These resources will detail out for you every question Jesus answered, and asked. It will show you the hostile questions. The innocent questions. And it will show you the questions Jesus did not answer and why.

I have created for your studies an e-book walking you through the data at a high level. I also have created an Excel sheet pivot table of the questions. And I have also developed an Access Database of the information. And coming soon, the questions of the entire Bible...

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Very interesting indeed!
I am thankful for the high percentage of questions Jesus asked and answered himself.

- Stephanie Green

Thanks for the work you have done. I am a pastor in London Ontario and I wanted to do a sermon series entitled ” interactive faith – the questions of Jesus”. Even though I have been a pastor for over 30 years I have to admit that I never realize that Jesus asked so many questions.

- David Snahir

Thank you so much. This is an amazing amount of research and quite a blessing.

- Larry Lenord

This is very interesting, I love the idea of narrowing your focus of study to just see how people learned, when next to Jesus. Thank you for all that data-processing.

- Steve Vanderheide

See the Questions

There are thousands of questions asked of Jesus or that Jesus asked of others in the gospels. Sifting through them, de-duplicating them, and then just reading the unadulterated questions was refreshing to experience. The people of the Bible were just like me.

See the Answers

But I was really moved when I saw the answers. So many think Jesus only answered a few questions. This couldn't be any further from the truth. In actuality, there were only a handful of questions Jesus didn't answer. Even when questioned by hostile pharisees, Jesus answered.

Learn From Him

It was a life changing experience to systematically go through question after question and answer after answer. To see Jesus pour His heart out for the people that enquired of Him. To see just how consistantly Jesus went out of His way to respond. It really was a life changing experience.

Lidia Coffelt
Dave Hampson

Great job on the research. I have used your information in my Doctoral Thesis on using Blended Online Learning to Make Disciples in the 21st Century. I love the way you think!

Andrea Moore

Taylor…This research is still a real blessing several years after you first did it and I am sure it will be for many years to come. I was just considering doing something similar, but can now direct my efforts in a different direction. This was a real time saver.

Lidia Coffelt
Lidia Coffelt
Robert Kennedy Mitchell

This is awesome!I am a pastor and I am about to preach a sermon on 2 Timothy 2:23 entitled “Unlike Bigfoot, Bad Questions do Exist.”… and this info is a great tool for this Sermon series.

Dennis Mendoza

Aloha Taylor, Thank you for this information. I was working on a sermon for this Sunday and your info was a big help. Blessings to you.

Lidia Coffelt
Taylor Holmes


sale price

Includes the

Questions of Jesus

e-book, with over 32

pages of questions

answers, and insights


sale price

Includes the

Questions of Jesus

e-book, as well as

an excel sheet

including a pivot table

of every question & answer!

And also Access Database

allowing you to query

the data any way you prefer.

With over 3200 datapoints to

research and learn from!


sale price

Includes the

Questions of Jesus

e-book, as well as

an excel sheet

including a pivot table

of every question & answer.

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