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Short essay clothes

short essay clothes

short essay clothes Short Essay on Fashion - Important India

Clothes Essay - Term Paper

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Clothes essay

The short story “Clothes” by Chita Banerjee Divakaruni is about a girl from India, and her cultural transition from India to America, which is symbolized through her clothes. The story is about doing something unexpected? and not knowing what the future is going to bring.

The main character is Sumita; she is a well-behaved young woman. She only does what is expected of her, for example she agrees to marry Somesh even though she doesn’t know him and she lets Somesh touch her the very first time the night they spend together even though she doesn’t want to. She never questions her parent’s decisions; she is just greatful for the opportunities she has been given.

She will leave her friends, family and former life behind, and travel to a new country, and from that can we see she is a very considerate person.
You sense right from the start, that she is girl who loves her family and friends. She values her family’s honor, for example she is against the arranged marriage, but she won’t disrespect her father and the effort he had put into finding her a suitable match. We also see a big consideration from her side, when her friend was turned down three times. Sumita doesn’t rebel against her family, she just goes along with the decisions. The author utilizes color symbolism to express the emotional changes Sumita is going through. The clothes represent both cultures; at first she uses the colors through her Sari’s to keep her connected to her Indian Beliefs. You see the color goes from being effervescent to being dark.

The main theme in this story, Is cultural differences. You see a big difference between the Indian heritages and the American. The transition from the Indian culture to the American is a big part of the story. The traditional Indian attire for a woman is a Sari and each sari has its own purpose. The clothes she is wearing indicate…...

short essay clothes Indian Clothing’s: Essay on Clothing s in India


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