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Social media in schools is covered by administrative procedure

Policy Governance

The School Board sets Policy Governance policies, which focus on results or “ends” – what Bellingham School District graduates should know, understand and be able to do. By governing at this level, the Board avoids micro-managing the work of the district. Instead, the School Board holds the superintendent accountable for implementing the Board’s vision by monitoring results through the use of data, reports and focused discussions. The work of the School Board includes listening to the public and gathering their feedback about goals, standards and progress through community outreach linkages.

District Policy Manual

The following are administrative policies and procedures, which are set by the superintendent and administrative staff. Many of these policies and procedures are required by state law.

During the 2016-17 school year, district policies and procedures will continue to be updated. This includes renumbering many policies to more closely align with the Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA) sample policies.


  1. Xamokag

    We live in a media saturated world, where content is more ubiquitous than safe drinking water. Wisdom is knowing what to include and exclude; what info is factually based, free from partisan pandering. I"m thankful for and . I can"t recommend enough.

  2. Xepejawe

    47 ) So whilst he was in intensive care, my media agency employer called me into work. Here I was told that they were terminating my employment, but they paid my notice. What"s messed up, is that at the time, I just felt grateful that they were paying my notice.

  3. Jorihovimum

    As a Baltimore native I’d like to point out these things aren’t new. We had these issues when i was a child. The difference now is social media is making folks more aware. And good!

  4. Popived

    Enough trouble?! We need to replace our OC like lots of schools. We have a very good recruiting class coming in that fits our needs. We won 9 games this season; what we don’t need is media types trying to convince folks that LSU football is in trouble. We’re not. We’re just fine.

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  6. Nowotukaniqeg

    Linkkle is a super simple tool for all your social media links

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