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Staples paper shredder won't turn on

staples paper shredder won't turn on

by Ross Glyn; Updated September 26, 2017

You can use a Staples Mailmate Shredder to shred personal documents, helping to prevent thieves from stealing your private information or identity. This simple machine is highly effective and is intended for up to 100 uses per day. Glitches are easy to troubleshoot. Common problems include paper and document jams, insufficient lubrication and overheating. Before taking your Mailmate Shredder in for service, run through a simple checklist to see if you can get your machine back to operating at peak performance.

Step 1

Check that the shredder is securely plugged in to a working, grounded electrical outlet if the unit will not turn on. Set the master cut-off switch to the "On" position. Press the power button and wait until it turns blue before shredding. The master cut-off switch is to the back right of the unit.

Step 2

Push the "REV" button if the shredder jams. If the unit jams, it will stop automatically. Pull out any jammed documents while simultaneously pushing the "REV" button. Do not put your hands near the feed opening.

Step 3

Press the "FWD" (Forward) button and allow the shredder to run for five seconds if the unit jams while in "REV" (Reverse). Press the "REV" button and run the shredder for five seconds if the unit fails to clear. Repeat this cycle until the jam is cleared. Unplug the unit from the electrical outlet and remove the jammed document by hand if this procedure fails to clear the jammed document.

Step 4

Allow the unit to cool down for 80 minutes if it has been running longer than the allotted eight minutes of continuous shredding time and the "REV" button begins to flash. This means that the unit has overheated.

Step 5

Run Staples-brand shredder lubricant sheets through the unit after approximately 30 minutes of shredding time. This will help eliminate buildup on the cutting heads and allow the machine to run at peak performance.


  • Always set the shredder to the "Off" position when not in use.

    Keep loose objects such as ties and jewelry away from the feed slot.

    Do not use more than the recommended sheet capacity of 12 at one time.

    Do not shred plastic (except credit cards), adhesive labels or cardboard.

    Always unplug the shredder before moving or cleaning.

    Do not place the shredder over a radiator or near a heat register.

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staples paper shredder won't turn on

staples paper shredder won't turn on


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