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What are data analysis questions

what are data analysis questions

AplusClick Math Questions: Data Analysis

Analyst Should Identify Relevant Questions for his Engineering Problem A critical early step in any analysis is to identify (for the engineering problem at hand) which of the above questions are relevant. That is, we need to identify which questions we want answered and which questions have no bearing on the problem at hand. After collecting such a set of questions, an equally important step, which is invaluable for maintaining focus, is to prioritize those questions in decreasing order of importance. EDA techniques are tied in with each of the questions. There are some EDA techniques (e.g., the scatter plot) that are broad-brushed and apply almost universally. On the other hand, there are a large number of EDA techniques that are specific and whose specificity is tied in with one of the above questions. Clearly if one chooses not to explicitly identify relevant questions, then one cannot take advantage of these question-specific EDA technqiues.


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    5 Questions to Ask When Approaching Digital Analytics Data by

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    - Congress Questions IRS On Efforts To Access Coinbase Customer Data

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    Look man, until you can bring facts and data to the table, not rhetorical questions, this conversation is going nowhere

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