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Writing good comments in java

writing good comments in java java source files is enclosed in start and end syntax like so: /** and */. Each comment within these is prefaced with a *.

Place these comments directly above the method, class, constructor or any other Java element that you want to document. For example:

// myClass.java /** * Make this a summary sentence describing your class. * Here's another line. */ public class ​myClass { ... }

Javadoc incorporates various tags that control how the documentation is generated. For example, the @param tag defines parameters to a method:

/** main method * @param args String[] */​ public static void main(String[] args) ​{ ​ System.out.println("Hello World!");​ }

Many other tags are available in Javadoc, and it also supports HTML tags to help control the output.

See your Java documentation for more detail.

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writing good comments in java


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