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Writing of bible


General revelation comes to mankind in a number of ways (creation, order and design, the nature of man as an intelligent being), but the most obvious and powerful means of general revelation is nature or creation. As powerful and universal as this is, however, it is inadequate or has certain limitations. It cannot tell us about the love and grace of God nor of His perfect holiness. Furthermore, creation does not tell us of God’s plan of salvation nor how man may procure that salvation. Still, general revelation “is nonetheless an important antecedent to salvation. General revelation is God revealing certain truths and aspects about His nature to all humanity, which revelation is essential and preliminary to God’s special revelation.


  1. Xorixidewak

    Best show on TV! Lots of twists curves. Great writing

  2. Kerogefolutex

    Senator Franken. I"ve been a fan of your writing comedy for years. I"ve also come to respect you as one of the most honest men in govt.

  3. Hesedet

    Word, I was just writing some plush tf. It"s a theme with a lot of depth and variety

  4. Bixurotoja

    The Forensics of Forgery and Handwriting Analysis

  5. Carivorepilojo

    Gramps! I"m woefully behind on reading -- writing! -- any hashtag entries. Glad to stumble upon one of my fave characters on my return.

  6. Cisuzemuqa

    Sometimes i feel like writing lines of I WON"T TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED

  7. Noyoqifedozed

    Karl Marx was writing that the superior Germans would have to dispose of the Slavs 40 years before Hitler was born.

  8. Temecohug

    Need to work on my penmanship my job requires a lot of writing.

  9. Zenagosik

    I really am trying tho. Writing is just hard sometimes and it takes a lot out of me.

  10. Gudapohapepag

    Have you started writing the notes for the box sets? I"ve been trying to get ahold of support. You have my deadname on file.

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