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Ace paragraph

What is an A.C.E.S. paragraph?

It is a form of paragraph you will use in many classes throughout your high school career.

It includes

A (1) an assertion (statement) or answer to a question in the first line. This is your “topic sentence.” Your other sentences will develop this main idea, just like you illustrate an engine clause in a train sentence;

C (2) at least one citation (quote) from a text you are reading and/or one or more comments on what you are discussing;

E (3) an explanation of or an elaboration on each citation or comment;

S (4) and a summary statement that wraps up your paragraph.

Examples of an ACES paragraph:

Answer the question.

Remember to always restate the writing prompt in your answer.

Why was there so much tension between the North and the South?

Extend or elaborate!!! Tell me more!!!

Interesting fact or information that the reader could use...

How can we describe matter?

A: Matter can be describe in many ways.

C: According to the text, matter can be described using its properties.


A property is something that can be observed about an object. shape, color, mass, density and state.
Let's try it

Matter can be describe in many ways.
According to the text, matter can be described using its properties.

A property is something that can be observed about an object. Using an object's shape, color, mass, density and state is one way to tell about an object. Other properties include hardness, texture, and odor.
Final Paragraph
ACE Paragraph
Writing an ACE Paragraph
If you want to write the perfect paragraph
It is easy to do

Just remember ACE...

On your own!!
Last night for homework you had to write an ACE paragraph.

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