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Compare and contrast essay booker t washington and dubois

compare and contrast essay booker t washington and dubois


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compare and contrast essay booker t washington and dubois Public Education Essay: WEB Dubois and Booker T.

compare and contrast essay booker t washington and dubois contrast Booker T. Washington with W.E.B. DuBois.

successful racial “up lift ‘ for the African American population .As in any case when the attention of the masses is at stake , the titanic collision of honed minds was inevitable . The two men , sought to position their respective plans as the predominate solution to solve racial inequality and achieve racial uplift for population of former slaves and born free citizens in the United States .Booker T . Washington , born into slavery , 1856 , for the first nine years of his life , held that the black community must exercise patience . Any abrupt aggressive action by African Americans would be interpreted as threatening by the Caucasian majority therefore inviting justifiable increased discrimination against blacks . Washington ‘s philosophy put forth the notion that blacks should be willing to sacrifice social and political equality , in exchange for economic liberty . Du Bois believed the top ten percent or as he dubbed it “the talented tenth ‘ of the African American population should focus all their energy on higher education . The African American intellectuals would then lead the masses to a higher social rung .Protest , challenge , provocation were the watch words for Du Bois ‘method . He clearly felt immediate political , social and racial equality was warranted . As stated by Jacqueline M . Moore , author and educator , Booker T .Washington , W .E .B . Du Bois , and the Struggle for Racial Uplift , “the debate recognized that there were more than two methods of racial uplift (Moore , p . 89 )Washington ‘s views , was somewhat misconstrued to believe he was “selling out ‘ to the majority of American Society . Washington and W.E.B. DuBois Essay meant more to me than other assignments because it tested my abilities and strengthened my research skills. I had done research regarding racial equality prior to this assignment. In sixth grade, my reading class learned about the Civil Rights movement. In seventh grade, two peers and I researched and wrote a play about the Little Rock Nine for the National History Day contest. In eighth grade, my class learned about how the time after the Civil War was for African Americans. This compare and contrast essay seemed easy to me because I already knew about racial equality, but through the writing and research process I realized that there is always more to learn.

To start my essay, I had to form an opinion about the two activists. When I first received the assignment, I did not have an opinion about which person’s views I agreed with, and I did not form one until after doing research.

I read my history textbook and documents given to us in class, helping me develop a better appreciation for each speaker’s argument. I chose to argue Booker T. Washington’s point. The research I did taught me that many African Americans were not being hired by Caucasians, so Washington’s idea of African Americans supporting each other made sense. In addition to this, I connected the topic to current times. This was the most interesting part of writing the paper for me because I thought it was fascinating how racial inequality continues today, even though it is less noticeable. Learning about the differences between races today made me more socially aware. There are differences between level of education and income of people of different races although it is not seen noticeably today as before.

Through this assignment, I learned about the different views of African Americans who sought change after the Civil War. Before writing this essay, I wrongly thought all African Americans believed in protestation to acquire rights and privileges.

It is also easier for me to write when I am interested in the subject, and I learned that researching a subject makes me more involved in it. Now that I know this, I can research more school subjects so I can become more immersed in my work and put everything I have into it. I also know that if I could choose a topic, I would have to choose something I was really interested in. The critique of other people’s ideas taught me that anything I do could be analyzed or scorned later. This shapes my choices and actions towards others because I would not want to do anything I would regret later in life.

I am proud of this assignment because it shows that I am improving at comparing and contrasting two topics. This is a skill that I wanted to improve upon during my CAP experience. I am glad to have this opportunity to improve my writing especially in comparing and contrasting because this is an important ability to have. It also prepared me for the Walden and Maggie: Girl of the Streets compare and contrast essay.



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