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Compare contrast essay fast food

I found this topic quiet interesting that i would like to know more about it in details.
It is a common problem by people these days whether a person should eat fast food or homemade food since some people might not have time to prepare a proper home cooked meal.
Why I chose this topic?
Any Questions?
The topic is interesting because both fast food and homemade food can be a way to socialize with friends and family and is also tasty, delicious, and convenient.

In addition, what makes the topic even more interesting is that I knew how much calories does both fast food and homemade food contain. Did you know that a chicken burger from McDonalds has 360 calories; on the other hand, a homemade chicken burger contains about 250 calories?!

What makes this topic interesting?
Compare and Contrast Between Fast food and Homemade Food
Done By:
Farah Eida 1045196

In conclusion, the main things i have learned from writing about this topic is that
It has some similarities such as they both provide energy for the body and offers variety of choices to choose from.
However, they both differ in terms that both of them have different ingredients, and eating fast food can cause health diseases such as obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes while homemade food benefits the body.
People should reduce eating fast food and start eating healthier food such as salads.
People should care more about what does the food contain rather than how it looks like.
These are some references that where useful for my essay to support my main points:

“Eat to live, don't live to eat.”
-Benjamin Franklin

compare contrast essay fast food

compare contrast essay fast food


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