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English essay malaysian food

english essay malaysian food

A dish so popular, even the Chinese and Indians serve their own similar version. At its very basic, Nasi Lemak is a plate of white rice cooked in coconut milk. Accompanying it on the plate is ‘sambal’, a chilli paste mixed with salted anchovies or ‘ikan bilis’.

The sambal breaks or makes the dish. If it tastes too sweet or the texture is too oily, then the Nasi Lemak is ruined. A good sambal is a balance of mushiness, spiciness and sweetness. Then there is an egg served, either boiled or fried, with cucumber slices and a helping of salted anchovies and peanuts. Finally, you may add beef or chicken ‘rendang’, essentially pieces of meat cooked in rich coconut milk and curry.

Simply delicious, Nasi Lemak is eaten throughout the day for breakfast, lunch, dinner or super. The meaning of its name happens to be ‘Fat Rice’ in Malay – a humorous paragon of its calorie-rich nature.


Satay is our own version of a Western kebab, only sweeter and somewhat smaller. Pieces of softened, marinated meat are skewered on a thin stick made of coconut frond (‘lidi’ in Malay). It is then barbecued over a tray of hot steaming charcoals until brown and tenderly moist.

A wide range of meat can be used from rabbit to venison but beef and chicken is the most common. Accompanying it is thick peanut gravy and ‘ketupat’, rice cooked in coconut milk, cut into cubes and wrapped into an attractive weave of coconut leaves.

english essay malaysian food


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