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English test 120 questions

english test 120 questions

This test is only designed to help students determine which level of courses they should study. It should not be used as an absolute measure of proficiency.

  1. The test contains 120 multiple-choice questions, 20 at each CEF level (A1 to C2).
  2. Please choose the best answer for each question. Stop when the questions become too difficult.
  3. Please spend no more than 40 minutes on the test.

Note: Make sure that you are using Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE8 or IE9 when doing the placement test. Other browsers or browser versions might not be supported.

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  1. Cemunadit

    Remember that time Trump and the Russians colluded to rig the election by creating super delegates and receiving debate questions in advance

  2. Jadetexez

    Thank you for answering my questions you"re freaking awesome

  3. Cileraq

    Has anyone here gotten advance tickets for Wonder Woman? If so can you dm me I have a few questions about it.

  4. Lojilegifucemu

    He"s certainly learnt how to filibuster on his questions if nothing else in 120 days

  5. Cejebuk

    Call 070-0000-R2TV ( 070-0000-7288 ) and answer 10 questions correctly within 120 seconds

  6. Qowemeduvukeja

    Uh why is our mid term 120 questions!?

  7. Zumovecojofe

    Karen chooses NOW to be boring? I wanted to see her VS Kevin in her F2 questions but all she talked about was how old she was

  8. Qowuvubazodix

    Get all your Dynamic Gold 120 questions answered by the engineer who designed it. Join us at 4 pm EST.

  9. Regofoweribor

    Change of audience, talking to 120 Middle School students on running campaigns. Great questions, full of energy.

  10. Pacohirey

    2 Questions: 1 ) Who are the most reliable?; 2 ) So even the poll most favorable has your boy at less than 50% and he"s only 120 days in?

  11. Veqagovumosec


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