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Need help in math? If you have a homework question, are studying for a test or need tips and advice, this is the place. The goal is to provide support and guidance, not always give answers.


  1. Be as specific as possible in your post and include what level of math. Please Do not put "ASAP", "Do it now" or other demanding phrases in your title. These posts will be deleted.

  2. Try and do your own research before posting.

  3. Please do not post offers to acquire tutoring students.

  4. Please do not post questions or links that are not related to math.


[Algebra] How do I solve this equation for x? [Personal Finance] Did I calculate this correctly? [Calculator] How to graph a function?

For Non-Math related homework questions go to Homework Help

For more in-depth 1 on 1 help visit Go2Tutors

help with math.com Free Math Games - helpingwithmath.com

help with math.com


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