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High school senior essay topics

high school senior essay topics

To a Freshman From a Senior: Some Insight to High School .
High school is said to be four unforgettable years. They can be positive, negative, or a combination of both. Most of us experience both positive and negative situations; all which we should learn from. There can be drastic changes from middle school to high school: you, friends, activities, attitude, etc. In any case, these are trials we all must go through, tests that can affect future decisions. .
Many of us lose our focus in making the adaptations to high school. I know as a freshman I thought nothing would be any different. Classes ahead of ours had all warned us that things would change, but we didn't listen because we thought that it would be different with our class-we were a much tighter group with much love for each other. They were right though. All it took was one to break the chain and from then on it was like cancer, just spreading throughout our group. This happens to all of us, even the best of us. People change and with them changes everything else. Sometimes it is best to just "go with the flow", and walk away from the drama that can come out of this. This can help eliminate the distractions from keeping up your grades and other important things. High school is much more fun after you've settled in and figured out what it is that you want to come out of it, but sometimes it takes awhile and that's okay .
There are some things to take into consideration which can help make high school a bit more enjoyable. One tip I can give you is to get involved. Whether it be athletics, band, clubs, etc., it will make the difference. It can be an extra incentive for coming to school. It is important that academics do not take over your life. This will also help you when applying for colleges or jobs after high school. In order to participate in most of these activities you must keep up your grades. It is really not that difficult to do this if you do your work and do it on time.

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high school senior essay topics


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