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Judge business school class profile

judge business school class profile

Judge Business School, University of Cambridge - YouTube

Oxford MBA

This year we welcomed 327 students onto our MBA class of 2017. This is the second year we are running four streams, creating an even greater buzz around the Business School during the three week launch.

As always we have a truly international MBA cohort, with students representing 58 nationalities. Our class has an average GMAT score of 692 and are aged between 21 and 40. 94% of our students are from outside of the UK and 36% of the class are female. The average number of years of work experience is 5.1 years.

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  1. Goyaretakifa

    Our Puppy Preschool class steps outside to learn some leash walking techniques ( L-R ) Juno, Nellie, Becks, Woobie Denver.

  2. Xofuzohab

    Probably because every kid was playing with them in class instead of studying, which is what school is actually for big guy.

  3. Pogumekesojej

    Missing music in your School? We can provide whole class music lessons -

  4. Copedik

    CHSAA Class 4A Finals are this evening starting at 5:00p MT: v Tune in on LTR:

  5. Letododemo

    It"s so fucking crazy that in a week It will be a year since the last day of High School. Never forget the most lit class of all time 2K16

  6. Wofogukoxag

    Starfish Class have created perfumes, built pyramids and enjoyed lots more Egyptian inspired activities as part of their Dazzle Days.

  7. Bogayaqez

    I"m watching a movie in just about every class What"s the point of school

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