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Former GE Chairman Jack Welch once said: You can refuse to learn, but your competitor does not believe that the leadership of each door prices are well aware of the importance of training enterprises, along with all kinds of professional training dealership The provider agencies continue to emerge, dealer training should be common sense, simple things, but the actual current situation, dealer training are increasingly plagued each house prices even become headache event, the crux of their problem out in the Where? appropriate and effective way to train dealers? and the wins early marketing planning certainly some to eliminate the appearance to the essence, in order to find the true meaning of dealer training methods.

Excluding appearance: training is not focused in class

Training, short training front, training in the post. Hydroponics is intrinsic, long-term, the concept of training is external, temporary, skills only to accompany the training, such as paper, training not only to accompany the absence of a tree, like the success we all know, but only the winners do, this sentence tells us that action is the first one.

Status quo is all kinds of doors prices, in order to train training the organization dealer class, professional training companies granted with the theory and techniques, which in itself is a good thing, it is commendable, but go back and think about door prices threshold is not high, the level of our dealers are spotty, this kind of training, most of them can not perform and implemented. than course content is not good, but the level of students is limited, concentrate in class does not use the door prices dealer.

Excluding appearance: training, not every family

Of course, there are a lot of door prices, set up their own training departments, but one inquire as little as two and as many as three people, and large are not very rich experience of junior staff, they are finishing industry data, combined enterprises under either organization dealers focused on training, either next to a the provinces small range of training, a year down the hard-earned, but with little success. Why? they passed the standard knowledge rather than the value of knowledge they provide the basis for activities in support of, or promotional support, and not cultivate dealer becomes powerful.

Find the truth: clear training needs

Popular purpose of the training is to enhance the dealer capacity, but the actual situation, we have to dialectical analysis, for enterprises, training management behavior, increasing sales of market behavior, but for dealers, training significance is very different from their participation in training is mostly because the face of pressure from the market, as well as the need for self-promotion to participate, their training evaluation index is very simple "effective, practical and training of the company's training most of theoretical + skills, use personal method is not more difficult to bring applicable general dealers. dealer training with little success core critical.

2: a move to get training to find the truth

Matsushita said to defeat the competitors is the most effective first paragraph is to learn faster than your opponents. The dealer learn fast how to make, we must first provide the dealer can accept and can actually use the information. These where? Wins early planning that summarizes comes from the real-world experience of the dealer and other industry distributors.

Teach this trick is the internal set up training team, the ultimate purpose of this group is to do the training, but the core of the work is done to collect, do finishing with a small case to specify things. The wins early planning had a door enterprise services Zhejiang its its more than 800 dealers, in the face of this dilemma dealer training we provide is to collect, carding 30% do better dealers and excluded due to the success of the relationship between factors such dealer, to tease out case basically rely on dealers hard to fight long-term accumulation of practical experience, these experiences dealer said he will not, generally will not be expressed on the dealer meeting, we record the various points in the form of interviews into a book and specific to the real case in which a dealer. methods, skills and authentic. these occasional delivery to the dealer where how we are doing, take a look at the same brand.

Example is particularly worth mentioning is that this door was a dealer prices in the North of annual retail sales of over seven million, and less than three hundred thousand the southern Jiangsu Wuxi dealer only, in accordance with conventional Wuxi dealer variety of complaints policy is not in place, the propaganda is not to force, product competitiveness of small and so on, but we each case to its share, less than half of its turnover doubled quadrupled, to conclude in 2012, sales actually close. a million sales in the dealer system may not very high, but less than three hundred thousand to change their thinking, practice tripled dealers as a whole it is a real and effective example.

Wins early marketing plan that: planning is very expensive, but not planning the more expensive, the training is also true, if you have not found a suitable method, many dealers have become corporate predecessor, dealer training is actually very simple to find the right approach, corporate will be able to operate well, we look forward to you door prices.

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