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Mesa college counselor office

(Allow approximately 4-6 weeks for your transcript/s to arrive.)

To apply for financial aid: Complete the FAFSA and the Board of Governors Waiver (BOG-W) .

Get familiar with campus: Click here for the campus map and here for parking information .

Mesa College Programs and Services

We have a number of programs to assist you with achieving your academic goals here at Mesa College.

Clicking on most of the program titles will automatically direct you to each program's homepage.

International Students - A resource for non-immigrant students attending San Diego Mesa College on F-1 student visas.

The DSPS Offices at the colleges offer eligible students access to a variety of specialized support services and assistive equipment in a timely manner. These services are intended to assist students with disabilities to more successfully participate in all college and career programs and activities. Participation in DSPS is voluntary.

There is a DSPS Office at each of our colleges. Our Interpreting Services Office, the College 2 Career Program, and the WorkAbility III program reside at the district office.

Contact the DSPS Office on campus or at the district for more information.

DSPS Office
Office A-115
DSPS website
DSPS Office
Office I4-405
DSPS website
DSPS Office
Office K-204
DSPS website
DSPS Office
619-388-6983 (voice)
619-388-6534 (fax)
619-550-3389 (videophone)
619-388-6634 (tty)
Office 275
3375 Camino del Rio South
San Diego, CA 92108
Hours of Operation: M-F 8:00-5:00
DSPS website

College 2 Career (C2C)

Established in 2010, the College 2 Career program at San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) is dedicated to providing support for students with intellectual disabilities. In partnership with California Department of Rehabilitation and the Regional Center, C2C offers supported participation in college, continuing education and DSPS courses to assist students in reaching career goals and achieving integrated competitive employment.

Students are required to meet the following criteria prior to scheduling a counseling appointment:

  2. Completed one semester.
  3. Completed the math and English assessments OR an English and math class.
  4. Official transcripts of all colleges attended on file.
  5. Official transcripts must be evaluated for course equivalency. (Students must request for an evaluation that can take up to 30 business days to process.)

Appointments are made one week in advance by calling or coming into the office, early in the day, for your best opportunity to receive an appointment.

Career Center - Provides students with workshops, events, resources, tools and counseling to support career and major decision making and job readiness skills such as resumes, job search and internships.

FYE - Provides students a comprehensive first-year experience that empowers them as engaged learners, integrates them into the college community as meaningful participants in campus life, and facilitates their successful transition into future transfer and career pathways.

If you have general questions, click here for additional assistance.

Click here to learn about MOAC - Mesa Online Advising Center

Welcome to the San Diego Mesa Counseling Center.


Below are the phone number and office locations for most of the Student Support Services on each campus. Additional contact information may be found on the college websites.

Office or Service CITY COLLEGE
Accounting / Student Cashier's Office
Office A-114 619-388-3458
Office I4-106 619-388-2704
Office K-205 619-388-7326
Admissions Office
Office A-112 619-388-3475
Office I4-102 619-388-2682
Office K-207 619-388-7844
Assessment Office
Office L-207 619-388-3998
Office I4-201 619-388-2718
Office C-303 619-388-7379
CalWorks Program
Office L-121 619-388-3797
Office I4-309 619-388-2706
Office K-305 619-388-7869
Career Center
Office A-111 619-388-3277
Office I4-306 619-388-2777
Office B-203 619-388-7335
College Police
Office V-100 619-388-3461
Office Q-100 619-388-2749
Office T-100 619-388-7353
Counseling Office
Office A-110 619-388-3540
Office I4-303 619-388-2672
Office K-203 619-388-7840
Disability Support Program (DSPS)
Office A-115 619-388-3513
Office I4-405 619-388-2780
Office K-204 619-388-7312
Evaluations Office
Office A-110 619-388-3466
Office I4-306 619-388-2680
Office K-207 619-388-7371
Extended Opportunity Program (EOPS)
Office L-117 619-388-3209
Office I4-309 619-388-2706
Office K-303 619-388-7869
Financial Aid Office
Office A-113 619-388-3501
Office I4-107 619-388-2817
Office K-312 619-388-7864
Health Services
Office A-116 619-388-3450
Office I4-211 619-388-2774
Office S-103 619-388-7881
Independent Learning Center (ILC)
Office R-106 619-388-3535
Office LRC 619-388-2769
Office L-104 619-388-7365
Learning Resource Center (LRC) / Library
Office R 619-388-3421
Office LRC 619-388-2695
Office L-1 619-388-7310
Student Affairs Office
Office D-106 619-388-3498
Office I4-408 619-388-2699
Office K-210 619-388-7313
Transfer Center
Office A-111 619-388-3722
Office I4-306 619-388-2473
Office K-306 619-388-7380
Tutoring Center
Office L-205 619-388-3685
Office I4-203 619-388-2898
Office L-101 619-388-7852
Veterans Affairs Office
Office A-109 619-388-3504
Office I4-102 619-388-2805
Office K-205 619-388-7862
Mental Health Counseling
Office A-221 619-388-3539
Office I4-209 619-388-2774
Office K2-102 888-724-7240
College 504 Officer
(619) 388-3246
(619) 388-2440
(619) 388-7810
College 504 Officer
(619) 388-4845
(619) 388-3464
(619) 388-2699
College Title IX Officer
(619) 388-7810
(619) 388-4850
(619) 388-3036
College Site Compliance Officer (SCO)
(619) 388-2340
(619) 388-7860
(619) 388-1827

Hours of Service

The hours of service vary by office and are subject to change.

  • Counseling classes can also assist students in making career and educational decisions, enhancing study skills, and staying motivated.
  • Degree, transfer or certificate seeking students are encouraged to meet with a counselor for an educational plan by the time they have completed three semesters or 15 units.
  • Walk-in verses Appointments

    Walk-in services

      • Assistance with course selection
      • Review assessment test results
      • Transfer advising
      • Petition to drop without a “W”
      • Petition for a refund
      • Petition for academic renewal
      • Petition for reinstatement
      • Request to enroll in more than 18.0 units
      • Crisis intervention
      • Probation advising
      • Orientation waivers
      • Transcript evaluation requests
      • Graduation advising
      • Assistance with clearing prerequisites

     By appointment only - make an appointment  online

      • Develop an Educational Plan
      • Review of transcripts from other schools
      • Assistance with applications for degree or certificate
      • Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs)
      • Major and career exploration
      • Probation and dismissal counseling
      • Disqualification or reinstatement counseling
      • Financial aid appeals
      • Personal counseling
    Earn Priority Registration!
    We are committed to providing a positive college experience for you through several counseling methods. From a certificate of achievement, Associates degree, transfer from Mesa to a university, or personal counseling/development we are here to support you!

    We recommend that students seeking assistance with the following, make an appointment to see a counselor once the semester begins .

    • Long-term goal planning
    • Educational planning
    • Financial aid appeals
    • Signing of guaranteed admissions contracts
    • Career planning/counseling
    • Personal counseling

    Appointments are available throughout the semester, but will be limited during all class registration periods .


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