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No way out essay

no way out essay

Since the United States of America invaded Iraq in an epic mission of spreading democracy to the feudal corner of the blue planet, the French President, Jacques Chirac affronted this decision with a shouting fist and in the end announced that the aim was to, disarm Iraq, not change its regime. The Americans responded with digging up and shoving history in the face of the world: The effort of the Allies during World War II in driving the Nazi's off French soil. Has France forgotten? one newspaper heading read, but can the USA really justify their cause by quoting from the past? Was it not the French grenadiers who landed at Newport, Rhode Island in 1781 during the Great War Of Independence?

The old whipping-boy, History, has been thoroughly abused through centuries and centuries of warfare, occupation and peace, and always seemed to justify the deeds of the infamous such as Hitler, Napoleon, Hussein and El-Husseini. Or was this their tool to personal vengeance and lust? Time has exposed the rule of the dictator as, in fact, unofficially shared with his soldiers, the actual victors; and to the victors go the spoils of war. The spoils not being stature and wealth but the remainder. Rape, pillaging, and sadistic terror are the real trophies for instance the two million German women raped when the Russian soldiers entered Berlin in 1945. Or the Arab irregulars and Bedouins decapitating limbs in 1935-48 during the war of Israeli independence as to bestow honour upon themselves or as warning to others. To warn from what!

For leader and follower to exist a combined effort is required. Without one, the other cannot function. The leader exists to instill fear, show mercy or sweep the masses to a violent rage; the follower, to follow every command with various degrees of dedication. More often than not, the will of the follower has no value. And so, plummeting into the depths of constraint, individualism slowly diminishes (or has it ever...

no way out essay No Way Out Movie Review & Film Summary (1987) | Roger.

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no way out essay


  1. Vagoxone

    Getting stressed out that my essay writing is going according to plan because I"ve convinced myself I"m going to fuck it up? smh

  2. Jiyeqaje

    My friend wrote an essay on why her mom should buy her Fall Out Boy tickets

  3. Rovopuxefu

    Irony is when some1 gives you 5 stars on an essay in which you point out that no1 should ever get 5 stars. ( 5 indicates perfection. No1 is. )

  4. Rodefelul

    Thought I"d done really shit but got my results back, 21 out of 25 in my genetics test and 4 marks from a first in my essay yaaaaaas

  5. Lokucudoco

    You"re out of your mind if you think anyone is reading that critical lens essay that you"re trying to pass off as a deep quote

  6. Zenefobudoce

    For some reason being told just pick something you like to write an essay about makes me really stressed out. I have too many interests!

  7. Sajobibaco

    I charge $50 for a 5 page essay lmao are they out of their mind??

  8. Nemipelijokiv

    Shout out to for nearly bringing the class to tears with such an inspiring and phenomenal essay today, really dude amazing job

  9. Haboheyehugey

    Check out this stunning photo essay of Cua Hai Lagoon outside of from

  10. Kowedevejeye

    I really freaked out and checked Blackboard cause I thought I had an essay due

  11. Ronajuj

    Why tf did I think it would be a good idea to go out last night have to revise/write my essay feeling like I"m going to vom

  12. Digeliqol

    My brain has checked out. I"m half assing this bullshit essay.

  13. Qevedumokucazo

    Cole was trying to spell out essay in his paper put SA in all seriousness he is dumb

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