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Paragraph on special olympics

paragraph on special olympics Special Olympics Summer Sports Rules FOOTBALL (SOCCER) VERSION: April 2014. Special Olympics recommends this playing format for low ability levels,. College links College Reviews College Essays College. in Me Ranch in preparation for this day when they alone would be in the spotlight of the Special Olympics. Short Essay on Olympics and India. Special sports scholarships should be issued to the deserving. Short Essay on the Oil Merchants of the Gulf. Reveal to the students that this is the oath taken by Special Olympians prior to participating in a Special Olympics Event. Lead a class discussion on sports. 0 puts 3 more champions on the field. Support an athlete today.

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To understand the differences and similarities between handicapped athletes and their non-handicap peers is the first step in creating a program that best meets the child's needs. There were no community programs that catered to the mentally and physically challenged, so Eunice Kennedy-Shriver created "special games" in her back yard for her handicapped child. Shriver established the Special Olympics in 1968. Today there are more than one million special athletes competing in 140 countries. There are some problems with relying on the public school system to seek a child's full potential in the special education programs. The Special Olympics, however, have found an effective method of preparing children, teens, and adults for society through sport.


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