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The List Of Managerial Economics Research Paper Subjects

Incremental concept is closely related to

the marginal cost and the marginal revenues of economic theory.

The two major concepts in this analysis are incremental cost and

incremental revenue. Incremental cost donates change in total

cost, whereas incremental revenue means change in total

revenue resulting from a decision of the firm. The incremental

principles may be stated as follows:-

A decision is clearly a profitable one if

a) It increases revenue more than cost

b) It decreases some cost to a greater extent than it increases


c) It increases some revenues more than it decrease others

d) It reduces costs more than revenues

The Incremental concept is estimating the impact of a business decision on costs and revenues, tressing the changes in total cost and total revenue that result from changes in prices, products, rocedures, investments, or whatevrmay be at stake in the decision.


  1. Rusirovi

    Market Orientation: The Construct, Research Propositions, and Managerial Implications Kohli, A. Jaworski, B. ( 1990 )

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  10. Qimonujiwesuzo

    Papworth encouraged me to ask why Managerial support and a research culture is key to the development of N, M AHP researchers

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    Just indexed in PubMed! Submit to the Health Services Research and Managerial Epidemiology journal

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    Training: The Age of Disruption: Research Approaches and Managerial Challenges - NARTI

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