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Stwg paragraph 1

(1) Im Bundeshaushaltsplan sind Umfang und Zusammensetzung der Ausgaben und der Ermächtigungen zum Eingehen von Verpflichtungen zu Lasten künftiger Rechnungsjahre so zu bemessen, wie es zur Erreichung der Ziele des § 1 erforderlich ist.

(2) Bei einer die volkswirtschaftliche Leistungsfähigkeit übersteigenden Nachfrageausweitung sollen Mittel zur zusätzlichen Tilgung von Schulden bei der Deutschen Bundesbank oder zur Zuführung an eine Konjunkturausgleichsrücklage veranschlagt werden.

(3) Bei einer die Ziele des § 1 gefährdenden Abschwächung der allgemeinen Wirtschaftstätigkeit sollen zusätzlich erforderliche Deckungsmittel zunächst der Konjunkturausgleichsrücklage entnommen werden.

Note states that this is not an AAMI document, but it is.


  1. Dobehoweb

    It"s because at our founding it was understood where our rights come from. Declaration of Independence. Paragraph 2. Check it out.

  2. Cuqozebucob

    From last paragraph ( multiple tweets ) : 1. We must first awake before we can walk in the right direction.

  3. Vupakedofov

    Trump expects to be loved in Saudi Arabia because his 1 paragraph brief told him the country is mostly Sunni Arabs, he likes sunny people.

  4. Puzanemo

    I was there too. I wrote one paragraph and stand by it.

  5. Rejemesenoxade

    HOWEVER like all of radical alt-left media, they use NEGATIVE outrageous headlines; one has to read to last paragraph for facts.

  6. Kitohocuxoruy

    Honestly, did any of you even bother to read the last paragraph of Orwell"s Politics of the English Language? /1

  7. Polahoyemiyiho

    Its interesting, not on 2 paragraph and this Fake news mediocre reporter starts attacking the white house using close sources to the matter

  8. Tekudivuq

    That Sums up what is all about in 1 single paragraph

  9. Gipadixigatov

    A K GCMJ 5 C 73 See Paragraph 3 14 3 The heads of elements of the PSP Over time new tools and analysis [T]he FBI should be spelled out in a

  10. Kabiyoyukor

    Me: This phrase looks out of place, think I"ll just highli- Word: HIGHLIGHT THE WHOLE PARAGRAPH 1 LINE ABOVE IT!? OK!!!!! DELETE, TOO?!

  11. Yucabiwug

    Several students wrote speeches for Mr. Nix during the ceremony. One even asked if he needed to write a 3.8 paragraph!

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