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Write next line in file java

write next line in file java

Change the lines

if(nodeValue!=null) fop.write(nodeValue.getBytes()); fop.flush();


if(nodeValue!=null) { fop.write(nodeValue.getBytes()); fop.write(System.getProperty("line.separator").getBytes()); } fop.flush();

Update to address your edit:

In order to write each word on a different line, you need to split up your input string and then write each word separately.

private static void GetText(String nodeValue) throws IOException { if(!file3.exists()) { file3.createNewFile(); } FileOutputStream fop=new FileOutputStream(file3,true); if(nodeValue!=null) for(final String s : nodeValue.split(" ")){ fop.write(s.getBytes()); fop.write(System.getProperty("line.separator").getBytes()); } } fop.flush(); fop.close(); }

write next line in file java Java.io.BufferedWriter.newLine() Method Example

Java - Learn line line file by to Java write Online


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