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Writing a critique paper

writing a critique paper

Answer the questions:

  • Do you agree with the author? Why, or why not?
  • What is the overall opinion on this novel?

Be specific. Remind readers the importance of a literary work you criticized, focus on its strengths and weaknesses, and state what you believe is its ultimate success.

Here comes the critique’s sample, kindly provided by OWLL for you to understand the specification of such tasks.

And don’t forget about one more detail able to turn your essay into an A+ academic paper.


A critique of a novel has clear style guidelines for students to adhere while writing, which are:

  1. Typed, double-spaced, on one side of a paper
  2. One-inch margins on all sides
  3. All pages numbered (except the first one)
  4. Turabian or Chicago citation style
  5. No first-person (except referring to your opinion)
  6. Active voice
  7. A new paragraph each time you change the point

Content and grammar are of equal importance here.

writing a critique paper

writing a critique paper How to critique a journal article - uis.edu


  1. Minufufo

    Dolezal is a lovely person. So are Jews who critique Israel. I"m proud to be compared with Dolezal.

  2. Yojenosecu

    Which is a major critique of environmentalist interventions: serving mostly middle to upper income communities.

  3. Wezesodozuh

    Not just self-created, but I think intentional. Nothing there, so a great rabbit trail to distract from more substantive critique.

  4. Rebolugukub

    There"s so much wrong with it I don"t have time for a proper critique. Just top to bottom wrong.

  5. Qomuwise

    I still remember the day I stopped being a shitlord. It was the exact moment I realised this "critique" is thinly veiled harassment

  6. Dejocaz

    Fact 3 - is a writing god and is my critique partner. Her writing is so good that i sometimes want to cry into my pillow.

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