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Writing activities for pk

writing activities for pk

Writing, Grades PK - K - Books on Google Play

Basic Handwriting Print
12-15 letters typical for Portrait mode - 16-22 letters typical for Landscape Mode

DIRECTIONS: Type child's name - phrase - or short sentence above. Click the "Make Worksheet" button and the program automatically creates a full sized practice worksheet. If letters do not fit on one line, try switching to LANDSCAPE mode. This basic Kindergarten handwriting style teaches "true" printing skills. It is also the letter style most often used in early elementary reading books, thereby increasing visual word memorization leading to improved reading ability. Letters will print at the larger 3/4 inch size but will print smaller if you have many letters on one line. There are 6 rows of letters created in this handwriting program. The first 5 rows are traceable letters. The 6th row gives a "starting dot" for each letter to see if students can successfully write letters on their own. 12-15 letters typically fit on one line when printing in the normal PORTRAIT mode. 16-22 letters can fit on one line if switching to LANDSCAPE mode. To print using LANDSCAPE mode (widest side horizontal), make your worksheet above - then go to the upper left of your screen and select - FILE - PRINT - PROPERTIES - LANDSCAPE.  While the general rule of thumb is that bigger letters are easier to trace, this is not always the case since very large letters require significantly increased movement and hand flexibility - sometimes beyond a child's capability. If your child has trouble with these large letters, try the smaller letters from the index.

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What’s important? Creating literacy-rich environments

There’s no doubt that building skills in a few areas during the preschool years can make a huge difference when a child enters school. Browse through to learn more about helping your child learn about sounds, print, letters, and words. Finally, learn how to choose and read children’s books that will help you and your child enjoy reading together for years to come.

Learn more about:

  • Sounds
  • Print Awareness
  • Letters
  • Vocabulary and Oral Language
  • Reading Together
  • Writing
  • Developmental Milestones


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