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Writing tips from cs lewis

writing tips from cs lewis With only 27% writing proficiency, perhaps today’s students would be wise to take Lewis’ advice to little Joan to heart. The Daily Writing Routine of C. S. Lewis. By Jeremy Myers. Thanks again for the post, also enjoyed the writing tips by cs lewis article you wrote. Reply. C. S. Lewis on Writing. (Source: The wonderful, C. S. Lewis Letters to Children; Image: C. S. Lewis at work, via.) The Kilns, Headington Quarry, Oxford.

writing tips from cs lewis

Writing Advice from C.S. Lewis - Aerogramme Writers Studio

The same is true of Christianity. But to speak of the craft itself, I would not know how to advise a man how to write. It is a matter of talent and interest. I believe he must be strongly moved if he is to become a writer. Writing is like a ‘lust,’ or like ‘scratching when you itch.’ Writing comes as a result of a very strong impulse, and when it does come, I for one must get it out.”

Wirt: Can you suggest an approach that would spark the creation of a body of Christian literature strong enough to influence our generation?

Lewis: “There is no formula in these matters. I have no recipe, no tablets. Writers are trained in so many individual ways that it is not for us to prescribe. Scripture itself is not systematic; the New Testament shows the greatest variety. God has shown us that he can use any instrument. Balaam’s ass, you remember, preached a very effective sermon in the midst of his ‘hee-haws.’”

By this time the mettle of the man I was interviewing was evident. I decided to shift to more open ground.

Wirt: A light touch has been characteristic of your writings, even when you are dealing with heavy theological themes.


  1. Toyekizol

    Young bad dads are better off not starting with the theoretical foundations of CS, but by eagerly writing crappy programs.

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    You could tell by the writing in the show that they were steering towards CS to distance the show from the gayness of SQ.

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    Are those habits getting in the way of productive ? Break them!

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    R2BR training - interactive read aloud and real world writing experiences

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    :D im so happy she is writing more books

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  10. Mazohutocem

    What a ridiculous waste of writing.

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    It"s tea o"clock time for 2 hours of writing/plotting/planning/getting inspired. More important than ever during busy marking period.

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    In the midst of it all, I"m still working on FT and writing my books. Death will be sweet.

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