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My Parents: My Best Friends- Growing up, my mother and father always told me that they were my best friends and no matter what they would always be there for me. At such a young age, I went through many stages in my life were I disagreed with what they told me. I would go through times where I said I hated them so much for punishing me, enforcing rules, and keeping me from doing the things that I wanted. At the time, they were the last people I would consider my friends. However, as I have grown and matured with age, I have come to realize one thing I never did before; my parents are my best friends. With their love and guidance, my parents have had a tremendous impact on the person I am today.
From the ages of 12 to 16, I considered myself a rebellious wild child. In school, I was enrolled in honors courses and excelled in all of them with very high grades. I thought because of my outstanding grades, I could defy my parents' rules and guidelines all that I wanted. However, as I soon came to realize, my parents were the ones in charge and took very sharp measures in punishing me for my actions. I would constantly rebel even further when I could not get my way. In the process of my rebellion stage, some of my careless and thoughtless actions hurt my parents very badly. They would continue to talk with me and try to be there for me as I would go though friends, jobs, and experience failures. I would listen to them and sometimes take their advice, but never really considered them my friends.
Time and time again, through every event in my childhood, my parents would always have my back. When I would have problems with the friends, boyfriends, or co-workers, my parents would always be there at the end of each day to sit and talk with me about my problems. When I was having a hard time with something and I needed to pour my heart out, they would always be there to listen to me. For instance, when I was about 13 ye

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Essay on my parents my life

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My mother is very much consistent for sitting with me at my study time. She also has great talent of cooking delicious food. My father closely looks into my requirements and most of all he understand my mental embarrassing factors for not fulfilling anything for my school. He quickly take action for bringing any material or solving any school task ; which I do not understand.My parents takes me to fair, park and cinema. In winter season I go to our company's club and play badminton with my parents. Till here is 147 words

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He is very frank and say that he does not want to disconnect me from the ocean of knowledge (Internet). One thing I want to share with all that he taught me typing on laptop and using search engine. He is only against ill and damaging side of internet that is why he has disabled all bad websites and protected me from wrong things. The very important point is that I get very lucid explanation of my literature chapter on the net. In this connection I am thankful to my parent who have made my early life very easy.


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