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Best cell phone plan discounts

best cell phone plan discounts

Senior Cell Phones

Everyone wants to save money on the growing costs of cell phones plans and seniors are no different. Unlike many other categories, there are actually some discounts out there for seniors to save money on their monthly plans and cell phones with everything from memberships like AARP to discounts you can receive for just showing an ID. Most of the plans for seniors that we will go into detail about below are different than your normal plans. This includes being different as far as cheaper pricing along with most not including things like data which is a necessity if you’re using a phone such as an iPhone or other smartphones.

Almost all of the major wireless carriers do offer some type of discount for seniors with special plans available at a discounted rate along with discounts on the cell phones themselves. Aside from those offers, you can usually combine them with regular coupon codes offered as well as discounts from places such as AARP. Always read the fine print before signing up for any new cell phone plan agreement as some of the plans for seniors can be a little trickier than your average plan. You will also more than likely have to show an ID or put in your information to prove that you hit the age requirement which in most cases is 65 years old.

Verizon Wireless – Verizon has a small selection of deals and discounts available for seniors. Their Senior 65 Plus Plans are designed just for those 65 and up with lower minutes and messaging available as well as data. This will keep you from having to pay for what you probably won’t use anyways which is common on regular plans. They also allow you to use basic phones on the discounted plans along with smartphones such as Android phones and the iPhone. The plans start at around per month and go up as you add more minutes, data, and text messaging.

AT&T – Just like Verizon, AT&T also offers a plan that’s just for seniors who are age 65 and up. The plan is called the AT&T Senior Nation 200 plan which gives you unlimited mobile to mobile minutes along with 200 minutes to landlines and other devices. The plan is only per month which is cheap for a cell phone plan but this doesn’t come with text messaging or data which can be added for an extra fee. If you’re using this plan you can still take advantage of their other discounts on phones and activation fees in our AT&T deals section.

5% Off Consumer Cellular via AARP – If you’re a member of AARP you can get an instant 5% off discount on your monthly plans when you sign up. You simply have to go through the AARP membership website and then put in your information when signing up. Consumer Cellular is a discount wireless company with select service throughout the United States.

Sprint AARP Discount – Sprint doesn’t have a senior plan like AT&T or Verizon but they do have the option to receive discount based on senior memberships like AARP. In order to receive the discount, you need to go to their discounts page within your account and put in your phone number and information. If you’re eligible for the discount they will request more information that you can upload or fax. The discount isn’t noted on the website but most discounts for AARP on cell phones range from 5% to 10% of the monthly bill. Check the website for full details.

AARP – AARP of course has a large selection of senior discounts for cell phone plans from the major brands. These discounts can change regularly with some places like T-Mobile doing away with senior discounts along with other discounts such as employee discounts. So in order to get the most up to date information on any discounts from AARP you should log onto the membership area of the website and do a search. In the past, they’ve had discounts for places like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and Consumer Cellular.

Senior Plans Aren’t Always The Best Option – Just because a plan is marketed towards seniors doesn’t always mean it’s your best option. Depending on your cell phone use there are many other options available to help you save money. This includes purchasing a cheaper smartphone such as the Moto G and going with a cheaper prepaid option from somewhere like T-Mobile ( per month unlimited). The senior plans as noted above will work for seniors who don’t use their cell phones often but as the aging populations becomes more technology literate more will opt for the regular plans. Many of the regular plans available can also be discounted based on different memberships and associations for seniors.

If you still can’t find any discounts or you’re wanting to opt out of the senior-specific plans then checkout our sections for free cell phones (with contract) or other cell phone deals from major wireless carriers. These deals can still help you save nearly as much as the senior plans but should give you more flexibility when adding things like data and text messaging which most deem essential today.

If we missed a senior discount for one of the major wireless providers or associations then let us know in the comments. Also feel free to ask any questions about available senior plans and discounts from providers.

best cell phone plan discounts Best Cell Phone Plans and Discounts for Seniors - WalletHero

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Here’s more on choosing a cell phone provider to meet your needs, along with details on how we arrived at our ranking of the 10 providers.

Picking the best cell phone carrier should be simple. You go with the company that offers the best coverage, the most flexible plans, and the widest selection of top- and mid-tier phones, all at a great price. But where should you draw the line between price and performance?

There’s no getting around it: Picking a new carrier is all about making tradeoffs. If you know your budget and have a decent idea of your usage patterns, though, you have a head start on the process. After comparing all four national carriers and their innumerable mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) – the carriers that don't operate their own towers – we've identified the top 10 based on coverage, pricing, device selection and included features. Our picks should help get you into the right plan for your situation.

The best cell phone service in the nation continues to come from Verizon Wireless. The brand’s extensive coverage, speed and reliability are unmatched.

We use RootMetrics' RootScores to guide our analysis of network quality. We also consider crowdsourced data and our own tests and experience to arrive at the final grades. Our sister site Tom's Guide tested providers in six different cities, chosen based on geographic diversity and population, including: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and New York City. At the sites, the testers ran Ookla's Speedtest.net app both inside and outside with nine different Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones activated on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, MetroPCS, Straight Talk and Virgin Mobile. They conducted the speed test five different times and averaged the download and upload speeds recorded by the app. They also timed how long it took to install the 58MB app Pokémon Go.

The Best Cellular Service Provider: Verizon

For those in search of the best of the best, the list begins and ends with Verizon. The carrier has won the United States RootScore Award for Overall Performance seven years running, and the Tom's Guide tests were consistent with RootMetrics’ findings.

Verizon is the unequivocal king of mobile, offering up the most comprehensive, dependable connectivity you can buy. With the fewest dropped calls, the most expansive coverage in both rural and metropolitan regions, and average download speeds that far exceed what you get anywhere else – there is no better service available.

The sole complaint we have with Verizon is financial. Expect to pay an extra $10 to $15 every month over the other major carriers and up to twice the monthly price of the cheap prepaid options. The carrier also doesn't apply corporate, employee, student and federal discounts with its new unlimited plan, only military and veteran discounts.

Granted, with its premium price come superb device selection and the dependability of the best network in the country; if you can afford it and want a signal practically everywhere, there's no better option.

The Best Value Unlimited Cell Phone Plan: T-Mobile

What propels the magenta carrier forward is its unlimited T-Mobile One plan. It costs less than Verizon's Unlimited plan and includes unlimited HD video streaming, a 10GB LTE mobile hotspot (that is throttled to 3G speeds after being depleted), and competitive international roaming options.

Even if you don't enroll in one of T-Mobile's unlimited plans, the company’s included extras for its Simply Prepaid Plan are huge selling points. The convenience of data rollover is a welcome addition, but the real treats are its Music Freedom and BingeOn programs.

Music Freedom and BingeOn let you stream as much music and video as you like, without digging into your monthly data cap. The catch is that you have to use one of the apps T-Mobile has approved for the service. There are questions about just how appropriate these services are given the FCC’s Net Neutrality regulations, but until the lawyers get those issues sorted out, there’s no downside here for consumers. If you live in or around a decently big city, T-Mobile’s benefits far outweigh its drawbacks.

The Best Individual Cell Phone Plan: Verizon

The best plan for individuals is Verizon Wireless' 5GB for $55 plan. Truth be told, most people don't need unlimited data, and 5GB should be plenty for most users. The plan includes unlimited talk, texts and calling to Mexico and Canada.

The Best Budget Carrier: MetroPCS

If you're after cheap monthly rates, MetroPCS is the way to go. MetroPCS is a prepaid MVNO that runs on T-Mobile's network, so you get the same brisk speeds. In fact, during our tests, we found that MetroPCS even beat out Verizon for average upload speed.

The carrier offers several affordable plans, including a $30 monthly plan that includes 1GB of LTE data and another option that has 3GB of data for just $10 more. Up to five family members can mix any combination of phone plans and then take $5 off each, without needing to share data. For instance, four 3GB plans would cost $140. We like that MetroPCS has a data maximizer feature that streams lower-resolution video to help users make the most of their limited data.

For those who want unlimited data, MetroPCS offers a $60 unlimited data plan that doesn't throttle video and music streaming. And as an added bonus, MetroPCS even throws in an 8GB mobile hotspot. If you find the hotspot unnecessary and don’t mind low-res 480p video, there's a $50 unlimited plan available, too.

Picking a Cell Phone Provider: What Else to Look For

The carriers we outlined above suit many people, but they aren't for everyone. If you're trying to find cell phone plans that fit your lifestyle, there are a few things to watch out for along the way.

Coverage & Quality
As we've mentioned, the quality of a carrier's coverage is the most important factor you should consider as you compare the best cell phone plans. Verizon claims the top spot in terms of performance, network size and speed. AT&T is a close second, suffering just slightly in rural regions. T-Mobile's download speeds are superb, but the carrier can feel useless once you leave metropolitan areas. Sprint's network is notably slower and smaller than the top carriers, but it does rank second for call performance, trailing slightly behind Verizon. It tied for the runner-up position in text performance with AT&T.

With the exception of U.S. Cellular, which operates a regional network in the Midwest, every other carrier is an MVNO of one of the Big Four carriers, piggybacking on their networks.

Now that the Big Four have done away with contracts, cell service is easier to budget, since your mobile connection is separate from the price of your phone.

Although the cost of service is finally easier to understand, pricing, fees and plans still vary. You can expect to pay anywhere from $35 to $65 per month for service, plus the cost of whichever device you choose to buy. Several providers let you add a smartwatch, tablet or hotspot to your plan for an additional monthly fee.

Plan Features
Beware lest you be drawn in by claims of "unlimited" data; most carriers that promise it throttle your speeds once you hit a predetermined data cap set between 20GB and 30GB. Far more common is unlimited talk and text, a feature offered by almost all carriers we evaluated.

We did award extra points for providers that included a mobile hotspot with their unlimited plans. This feature allows you to wirelessly connect a tablet, laptop or other mobile device to your smartphone's internet connection. It should be noted that when 10GB is depleted, carriers typically throttle your hotspot to slower speeds.


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