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Cheap things to buy at grocery store

How I Grocery Shop - Fun Cheap or Free

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cheap things to buy at grocery store

alot of your pastas, beans, and rice are usually cheap. so are canned goods. watch flyers, sometimes traveling to certain stoes for cetain deals is really worth the gas. well depending on how far you have to go. alot of stores around here run the 10 for deals. i love those, and you can mix and match so you dont always have to get ten of everything. the best time to shop is either really early in the morning or before closing. also sundays are usually the best day to shop in my opinion. most people go shopping when they get paid which is usually on friday so if you go on sunday most things will be marked down or so i find.we all could use some helpp wiht our grocery bills these days. another way to stretch is to eat more vegetarian meals, if you can. my boyfriend never would, he's a meat and potato kinda guy. well good luck!


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cheap things to buy at grocery store What are the cheapest foods at the grocery store? | Yahoo.


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