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Clinton high school football schedule 2016

clinton high school football schedule 2016

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Free and Reduced Lunch




Graduation Rate—100%, Students earning all credits—100%, EOI pass rates—85%, ACT—23 and 100 test takers. Cooperative learning and working together






Kenny Stringer-Principal

[email protected]


Eugene Jefferson- Dean of Students

Mike Lee-Athletic Director

Dean of Students

[email protected]

Catey Moring-Freshman/Sophomore Counselor

[email protected]

Brenda Louthan Junior/Senior Counselor

[email protected]



Clinton High School is a Class 4A school with an enrollment of 640 students. Clinton High School has a very diverse student population, which gives our students a chance to learn to get along with people of all backgrounds. We strive to provide our students with a challenging academic curriculum, a wide variety of extra curricular activities and the opportunity to participate in community acitivities.

As you can see by the banner above our students have achieved great success in many areas. Teams at CHS have won state championships in football, boys basketball, girls volleyball, baseball, girls track, boys golf, girls golf, legal team, vocal music and band. Individuals have earned academic all state honors, all state honors in sports, vocal, band, and engage in various shows and competitions in vocational programs, and through our career tech center at Burns Flat.

We look forward to a challenging 2016-17 school year and expect our students and faculty to reach the goals we have established for the coming school year. Commumication with our parents is of extreme importance and we want to work hand in hand with you to push your students to excel at a high level. The doors at CHS are always open for you to come and see what is taking place at CHS as we continue the tradition of excellence that has been established by the past graduates of Clinton High School.

clinton high school football schedule 2016 CHS 2016 Football Schedule - Clinton High School

clinton high school football schedule 2016 Varsity Football Schedule & Roster - Clinton Redskins.

clinton high school football schedule 2016 SPORTS SCHEDULES - Clinton School District


  1. Yonukaholov

    Man take me back to high school football

  2. Nutosokudeva

    Some guys in college dont have a high priority on education. So going to a JuCo or smaller school they may be able to focus more on football

  3. Ravavurix

    Monroe was a long-time football coach at Hickman High School who passed away unexpectedly last year. Would have turned 50 today.

  4. Gavaguyogulote

    Hanging out with high school football players at 3:330am? Is he having sleepovers like Captain Milk in Ann Arbor?

  5. Cogiyoqibaludo

    Head football coach of Abilene High Del Van Cox tells me the 7 PM Spring game and the 6 PM Game of Champions has been cancelled.

  6. Nemafeyoqagefu

    The Midland High football team"s spring game will be 6 p.m. Thursday at Grande Communications Stadium.

  7. Busiwigaju

    If I could go back and relive one thing in my life it would be a high school football game

  8. Pitubevofa

    Football Academic Update - Proud of Our Players Setting High Standards in the Classroom, 5 Perfect 4.0 GPAs this Semester

  9. Dejafoq

    Flyers can be picked up beginning next week at the High School Athletic Desk, Family Sports, or email josh.bostonhenderson.kyschools.us

  10. Todujef

    Only thing I"ll miss about high school is football season

  11. Fegojigakepeko

    HS Football: Abilene High Black/Gold game is cancelled because of the threat of bad weather.

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