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Descriptive writing my cat

descriptive writing my cat

I want to keep a pet since I was young and I did but our happy time used to be short. They, including fish, turtles, and hamster, used to send out to my cousins or friends home by my mum for various reasons. The situation had changed in four years ago, when the fifth member of our family came.

She was just a baby cat with beautiful brown and write hair and big tan eyes. She looked thin and weak when I first saw her and luckily she had grown-up healthily. Now, she is the queen of my house.

Since she came, she loves to be accompanying with me. May be because of lacking the sense of security, she must follow us even when we are in our own bedroom with door closed, the yelling sound would not stop until you let her come in. Then, she learns that she can gain what she wants with her beautiful sound. In the early morning, she yells to ask for people to hug and feed her. At night, when you walked from your bedroom to the bathroom, something soft suddenly holds your leg and starts a chasing race with you. And when I am studying, she would jump up and set on my books and catch my pen so you could only stop and play with her. Although she is very naughty, but with her accompany, our family life become happier.

People usually said that cats got two extreme personalities; one is cold, arrogant and uncontrollable while another is sweet, mild and adorable. I agree it a lots. Sometimes, she is so cute that you want to hold her in yours arm and kiss her, but she can also make you angry yet you can do nothing to change her. One of the bad habits she gets is that she loves to bite people as she think that she is playing with you. No matter how we teach her, she just cannot understand. When she used her big tan eyes looking at me, I just cannot keep angry at her.

My cat is totally different when she is with us and when she is facing strangers. When she is with us, she just likes a queen. She knows that she can get what she want if she asked for. She will yell for food and hug but when she does not want our hug anymore, she will jump away immediately. In winter time, she will jump up to our thigh and sleep no matter what you are doing. However, when she faces the stranger, she just likes a rat being chased by a cat. She will run very fast and hide in the place that she feels safe, usually the top of the wardrobe as she can watch what we are doing but we are not able to catch her. She will only jump down when the strangers left. Therefore, not many of my friends had saw her and only one or two had play with her.

My cat brings a lot of happiness to our family and we will certainly create more treasurable memory in the future. I really love this little evil and I can feel that she loves me too.

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  1. Pexuteyicotada

    He"s a sly creepy nasty little man. I wouldn"t trust him with my cat if I had one lol this excuse for a man is dangerous.

  2. Xefocelupec

    You can gift me pleaseee? My email is bauti.dalmasso2001gmail.com

  3. Luyifexasede

    I remembered keyboard cat. More specifically, Play My Girl off, Keyboard Cat.

  4. Kixanofoyoxa

    Literally just had the same thing with my cat, he got out bc one of my friends didn"t notice his sneaking out while they had the door open

  5. Qefuzibebu

    I"m cleaning my office right now because you made me imagine fish smell

  6. Neraveh

    Jack stealing my chips

  7. Wonafuyuqo

    I was tripping out this morning! I kept hearing meowing while driving and I even checked under and around my car and there was no cat

  8. Mobosoharo


  9. Samizapufikoc

    During ELO I was breathing at the fountain when sheep came up to me and talked about my cat. It was nice.

  10. Magupoyegep

    19/5/1867 Wet and ugly. I am as poor as Job"s cat. I weighed 165 lbs in the winter now I only weigh 153 without my coat.

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