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How to do a resume for career change

how to do a resume for career change For example, if you are a corporate lawyer seeking another position as a corporate lawyer, your resumé is going to look very different than if you are a lawyer who wants to transition into legal publishing sales (career reinvention). These are two different career targets and for each one, the brand perception you want to create is different.

For a career change, you are going to have to reweight the information you include in your resumé to be more relevant to your new objective. You have to translate what you’ve done in your past so a potential hiring manager will be able to relate to your previous experience and find it relevant.

2. Do your homework. Continuing on with the above example, if you are a lawyer seeking to reinvent into the legal publishing field as a sales representative or account executive, you need to do some due diligence before writing your resumé.

That means researching, online and offline, to know what your target industry or a potential hiring manager might be seeking for skills and competencies.

how to do a resume for career change

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