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London business school shanghai

Cass Business School, a well-known UK business school and part of City University London, recently announced plans to expand its presence in China and develop a more tailored executive education for Chinese companies.

In recent years, more Chinese companies, especially those in the financial sector, have sought to gain a better understanding of the global business world and improve their skills to cope with the intensifying competition in the marketplace. Compared to open programs, tailored programs are gaining increasing importance, which also represents a tremendous growth opportunity for providers, according to Dr JoEllyn Prouty-McLaren, CEO of Executive Education of Cass.

"Chinese companies are finding that customized business education programs with academic excellence, latest thinking and practical knowledge are of more importance, because it provides an opportunity for Chinese businesspeople and entrepreneurs to better understand global dynamics and the practices of international businesses, and therefore accelerate managerial skill development for individual and organizational growth," Prouty-McLaren said.

According to Cass Business School, it will boost its China activity and leverage its expertise by blending business insight with global experience and cultural understanding to help Chinese companies develop their technical and leadership expertise.

So far, the school has already worked with some large Chinese businesses and institutions, such as the China Trust Association and China Life Insurance, to provide tailored executive education programs and well-rounded learning experiences to their executives.


  1. Cavojok

    Do I know anyone thats uses ? Would it be good for a small business, in this case a restaurant. Feedback appreciated!

  2. Kuwotuseno

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  3. Pofobejohup

    Evidence. Folk like me closing down business activity in London. First hand.

  4. Limuredezetowu

    Phew! According to , London will still be open for business after . And there was me, thinking London would just curl up and die.

  5. Quxejayi

    Do you really think big business in London will allow this to be crashed by the DUP? They have been completely isolated and are now the real villains. Poetic justice.

  6. Jeyuniqogoj

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  7. Miyitozabogiso

    Tell the Mayor of London to move to Yemen he might feel more comfortable there.

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