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Lord of the flies essay assignment

lord of the flies essay assignment ..

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Lord of the Flies Writing Assignment
News Report

Group of children rescued from Remote Island

On Friday, August 23rd, 1963 a group of British boys that have been reported missing has been found on a remote island near Puerto Rico. Around 13 boys at the ages of 6-12 have been missing for an estimated month and have arrived back home on the 23rd at around 5:30 p.m. Most of the boys have not been named but we found out that some of the boys names are Ralph, Jack, Sam, Eric, Luke, Roger, Harold, Percival and Robert. They were reported missing a month ago on Tuesday July 21st, after a plane supposedly “dropped” them off at a Remote Island. No one hasn’t really heard of them since, but Police from all over Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the UK has been looking for these boys.

lord of the flies essay assignment LOTF Essay assignment - Literature 101

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Ralph’s malevolence, which plays an important part in his success towards the end, had also been a source of humiliation and regret for him.
On the contrary, the antithesis of Ralph, Jack is described as a strong-minded, iron willed being who considers that he is someone very important, who can do anything he wishes to. He symbolizes hostility and brutality and the urge to control and dominate. Jack gets enraged when Ralph defeats him in the elections. Jack manifests full control over the entire group as he becomes more barbarous and crude. Towards the end, there is an indication of how religion and superstition denotes power since Jack continues to take advantage as the boys dread him. “We found shelter, and got some food” 8 year old Sam, a younger boy rescued from the island. “Some of the boys were rude to other boys but they solved some of their problems” 8 year old Eric said. Now the big question is what happened on the island? “On that island, have been some really traumatizing events. Some have lost their lives on that island, but most survived. There have been some really awful conflicts but thankfully reality saved us.” 12 year old Ralph said. “We were civilized at one point in time but we got out of hand, but I’m glad that’s all over and that we can move on in our lives.” 12 year old Jack told us. All the boys are safe home now and officers are going back to the island to investigate and find the lost boys.


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