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Macbeth lesson plans ks3


Name and school withheld.

I believe this resource can be very useful to improve Shakespeare class and rendering the text more reader friendly to teachers and students alike.


Name and school withheld.

I forwarded this to a colleague in another school who is working with some special needs students. She feels quite sure that the materials may be useful in her response to intervention class.

macbeth lesson plans ks3 Macbeth: Themes KS3 | Teach Shakespeare

macbeth lesson plans ks3


  1. Huzujod

    Im questioning the faith of our throne and macbeth conjuring plans on macduff, this could end badly

  2. Koxasezohorab

    Yay! Can"t wait to tell you all about it! And hear about your outdoor swimming plans xx

  3. Cozexaxi

    Does he have plans to stop by a country with no extradition ?

  4. Vexovuri

    Has anyone seen Lady Macbeth?? Really wanted to watch it tonight but my plans failed. Motivate me!

  5. Hozibub

    Macbeth looks obviously suspicious, this isn"t good he"s going to ruin my plans! Today will change the rest of out lives he needs to man up!

  6. Kofopefeyugodo

    I won"t be back for a few months I know we had plans but Betty and Polly need their parents now more than ever. I love you Alison I hope--

  7. Bulehidi

    Writing lesson plans and praying they"ve learned their Macbeth quotes

  8. Hoponivax

    Film rather. Though I intend to see Macbeth. At some point. I have no set plans this weekend beyond MONOCHROME.

  9. Gigenudoye

    The king staying at my house might work with my plans for Macbeth becoming king. Duncan must die when he is in my house.

  10. Revucajebogetu

    When asked for my plans for Macbeth

  11. Vapiyuva

    Really excited about my lesson plans!

  12. Falemaxahe

    Me: plans in what to do on weekend Here comes another schedule. Me: oh no, what is rest?

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