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Math questions on foreign exchange

Interpreting Currency Exchange Tables

Usually, currency exchange data is presented in tables. The first type of currency table simply specifies other currencies with respect to one currency whose value is assumed 1. In this case the table's title would be : "Currency exchange rates per "x".

Other, similar tables would have the following form:

currency conversion table

In the above table, looking at the first value: 1 AUD is worth 0.651 GBP, and 1 gbp is worth 1.5354 AUD.


currency conversion sample question

In the above table, 1 AED is worth 0.272300 USD, and 1 USD is worth 3.6724 AED.

Another Example:

And finally, another popular table includes a group of currencies which are compared to each other within the table's columns. This table is sometimes more confusing at first, but learning its concept is fairly easy:

Numerical reasoning test currency exchange table

To avoid confusions, make sure to use the left-most column as the reference point.

Choosing a currency from that column, means you are now comparing the value of one unit of that currency to other currencies within that row.

A rule of thumb could be adding the digit 1 before each currency on the left-most column.

For example, if we look at USD in the left-most column, and then compare it to currencies within the first row, we are actually comparing the value of 1 USD to other currencies including USD. In this case, USD is weaker than all other currencies as one unit of it is worth less than 1 of any other currency, with GBP being the strongest:


Moving on to row 3 in the left-most column, we see that 1 GBP is worth 1.5896 USD, which is the inverse of the aforementioned value.

Determine Which Currency Is Stronger

When using the sentence "USD to GBP conversion rate is" we actually mean that with each USD you can buy x GBP, with USD assumed to have a value of 1.

1 USD = 0.7155 EUR. The EUR is stronger than the USD. When compared to 1 USD its value is lower than 1.

Applying this pattern you can switch between any two currencies as well as using additional third currency as a converting factor.

Currency Exchange Question Example

“If 1 USD equals to 0.7155 EUR, what is the value of 100 EUR in USD?”

To solve this, the required amount should be divided by the provided exchange rate:

100 : 0.7155 = 139.76 USD

The same solution should be applied to the question “What is the value of 1 EUR in USD?”

1 : 0.7155 = 1.3976 USD

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