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Mohawk college journalism program

Program Details: | Brock University

Mohawk College Journalism & Brock University Popular Culture, Media and Communication Studies or Business Communication

  • Obtain a 4-year Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Popular Culture or Media and Communication Studies or Business Communication from Brock University.
  • A minimum 75% cumulative average in the Mohawk College Journalism Diploma program is required for entry to Brock via the articulation agreement.
  • Eligible applicants will be awarded 7.0 credits.

Transfer credit eligibility:

  • 4.0 Year One Social Science credits
  • 3.0 Year Two Social Science credits.
  • Total credits = 7.0 out of 20.0 credits required to complete degree.

Application Process:

  • OUAC 105 application form (www.ouac.on.ca)
    OUAC Code: BPC – Popular Culture, BUC – Media and Communication Studies or BUD Business Communication
  • Year Code: Advanced Standing

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