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Persuasive writing zoos ks2

persuasive writing zoos ks2

5th Grade
Persuasive Writing: Should There Be Zoos?
Learning Goals
Timeline: 6 weeks
Assessment #1
Assessment #1
Rebuttal Statement
Paper & Pencil
True true/false
One way to persuade an audience to conform to an opinion is to explain specific reasons in support of the viewpoint.

False true/false
One way to persuade an audience to conform to an opinion is by describing reasons opposing the viewpoint.

Short answer or fill-in-the-blank
To persuade an audience to conform to an opinion, you would _______________________________________________________________________.

Multiple choice
Which of the following is not a way to persuade an audience to conform to an opinion/idea?
a. Rebuttal of an opposing opinion
b. Supporting reasons of the opinion
c. Examples to describe the opposing opinion
d. Examples to support the opinion

Describe how you would persuade an audience to conform to an opinion or idea.
Performance Assessment
MCPS Standard for Writing 4.5.A.2: Compose oral, written, and visual presentations that express personal ideas, inform, and persuade.
Performance Assessment Rubric
MCPS Standard for Reading to be Informed 2.5.A.4: Determine and analyze important ideas and messages in informational text.
Maryland Common Core Curriculum Framework for Writing W.5.1: Write opinion pieces on topics or texts, supporting a point of view with reasons and information.
MCPS Standard for Writing 4.5.A.4: Identify how language choices in writing and speaking affect thoughts and feelings.
Develop a written response to the prompt:

Persuade the principal to add recess to a two hour delayed opening day
State your argument using strong word choice at the beginning and end
Give 2 reasons
Support and examples for reasons
Provide an argument from the opposite view with a rebuttal statement
Assessment #2
Homework: Family Interview
Student Name: ___________________________

Name of Person Interviewed: ___________________________

1. Have you visited a zoo?
2. Are you for/against animals living in zoos?
3. What are 2 reasons that support your opinion?
4. If you are for zoos, what might be a negative
opinion/characteristic of zoos?
5. If you are against zoos, what might be a positive
opinion/characteristic of zoos?
Students will demonstrate their understanding and ability to write a statement from the opposing perspective of an argument.

Essential Questions
1. How can I select and develop ideas to make my
writing interesting and clearly understood by

2. How does identifying the pros and cons of an
argument help in planning for persuasive

3. What facts are necessary for informing my
audience about the topic?

4. Which key words and phrases will best
persuade my audience to agree with my
You will write an argument that will persuade readers to be in favor of, or against, animals living in zoos.
Your job is to conduct research and develop a written argument that will persuade your audience to be for or against animals living in zoos.
The challenge involves conducting research on zoos to form an opinion and gather facts and examples that will be used for support.
State your argument using strong word choice at the beginning and end
Give 2 reasons with appropriate support and examples
Provide an argument from the opposite view with a rebuttal statement
Use correct grammar and punctuation in your writing
Make sure your sentences are clear and logical
You will create a typed persuasive argument in the form of a short essay in order to persuade your audience to support or deny animals living in zoos based on your opinion statement.
You need to convince your peers using powerful, persuasive words and phrases, as well as strong support and examples.
Performance, and Purpose
A successful result will include the follow criteria:
Standards &
Criteria for Success
Assessment #2
Self & Peer Assessment
You will receive a copy of the rubric to refer to during the writing process to ensure you are meeting the criteria of the assignment. Throughout the writing process, you will work independently, with peers, and with me to revise and edit your argument by using the rubric as a guide to meet the expectations of the assignment.
What will I be looking for during assessment?
You will need to:
identify the author's opinion
create a counter-reason from the opposing view of the author
write reason that supports the author's opinion and balance the counter-reason
You will each be given the same written argument on the topic of having a pool at your house.

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