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Preschool class made books ideas

preschool class made books ideas Does anyone have any ideas for making preschool class books ...


  1. Ziyeyobezat

    Q5: we have a weekly class meeting where we discuss success/failure/strengths/weaknesses for the week. Ss even share books

  2. Jasofeg

    A question posed in my children"s lit class asked whether books encourage kids to play with language. Seeing this, I think yes.

  3. Ridejuvox

    This morning we talked about how we treat books and we read a story using the pictures together. Then we practiced with our own book.

  4. Nilocihed

    The most money I spent on books is for my personal finance class

  5. Yuqaboxicipefo

    Teach laughed when I failed in class, now I got a bag with no books in it

  6. Jodoqonohodi

    Building cultural and linguistic knowledge through creation of children"s books in the monolingual FL class

  7. Manodeyey

    Well if u want to draw during class without anyone seeing, I suggest u carry thoughs mini sketch books around!^^

  8. Ruguqeqak

    Mrs. Rodriguez"s class were first on the chrome books!

  9. Qiqogiri

    Where you going?----> Where are you heading? What books do you use in your class? I have planned to go over the net、browse the net

  10. Tagewoheboniv

    *walks into class, holding her books and walks past her* Hi Betty, cute sweater. Almost got one just like it for my grandma. Is anyone+

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